Up with Columbus Day!

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Feb 232015
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Did you celebrate Columbus Day this year?  Columbus Day along with the country that thought up the idea has been demonized so harshley that hardly anyone celebrates the holiday anymore. Sure New York City still holds a Columbus Day Parade but more often you get rags like the Huffington Post telling us that Columbus is not worth our respect:

Called everything from a “rapist” to an “idiot,” Columbus Day now occupies the position of a bona fide controversy in the annals of America.

Amazingly no one ever seems to notice that when they tear down the giants from the past, there is no one left to look up to. I’m sick of all this negativity. They say that our founding fathers were nothing more than miscegenating slaveholders who created our deeply flawed country in their own self interest, ignoring it’s greatness through the centuries. There is too much here to get into. I am going to stick with Columbus today. It is very simple. I don’t know much about his ethics or morals. I don’t actually care because IT DOESN’T MATTER. Christopher Columbus discovered America and made our country possible and without America, I’d probably be a worthless Swedish welfare suckup today. The man did good by me.

The Huffington Posters and the other hate America folks like to point out that discovering America wasn’t so good for the Indians. I don’t know about that. Those hypothetical s always bother me. Who knows what might have happened if the Aztecs decided to develop an empire. Who’s to know how well that would work out for the Indians. What if the Vikings came back? You just never know.   This just might be the best of all possible worlds. They never like to credit America for fighting to end slavery, saving the world twice from the Germans who seem to have an unstoppable stream of bad ideas to foist on the world or taking in immigrants from every country in the world and making American’s out of them. America has been good for Americans, the world and it has made a place where Huffingrton Posters can safely snivel about some better world. If things are so bad. why are they still here?

So I say Up with Columbus Day and let’s celebrate the bravery and hutzpa of our man Chris. He may not have been the perfect human being. He might have had a flaw or two but he had the balls to talk the Spanish into fronting his expedition to reach India and sail to the edge of the earth. Along the way he discovered a new world. Whatever the cost, the result, as they say in the credit card ads, is priceless. Give the man his due. He is the kind of man we need more of today instead of the self-serving timid and pansified leaders we seem unable to kick out these days and rags like the Huffington Post seem to find flawless. Let’s hear it for flawed people like Chris who took a chance, risked everything and made the world a different and better place. Then lets kick some pansified ass next month.


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