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This post isn’t particularly cantankerous but it is my cootish responsibility to mix things up for you lay people.  Unpredictability  is cantankerous in itself under the right circumstances.  That is a subject for a later Coot Lesson.  If you don’t like it today, RT this post and leave a comment before waiting until Friday for the next lesson.

Last Friday, I wrote on Catharsis Of The Bogue (my other blog) about unplugging and spending time with your family.  That post is here. Last night I took my older kids to the rodeo.  It was part of our “Days of 47” celebration which is like founders day here in Salt Lake.

I’ll tell you, we went and watched horses and cows flip guys around and into the dirt and I didn’t think once about blogging or what I had to do when I got home.  I didn’t realize it unti llater but it was so good to just be in the moment and to be there with my kids.

This was their first rodeo so they didn’t know what to expect  and they were fascinated at what these guys were doing.  I have been to several and so I explained to them until I was hoarse what was going on and they dug every minute of that 2 1/2 hours.  My 7 year old son didn’t ask once when it was going to be over or when he could watch TV.  The large replay screen mayhave helped with that.  There was some tech  at this rodeo.

It was the first rodeo I had ever been to that started with a laser show.  All in all, I highly recommend taking time out from the electronic pursuits and spending some time unplugged.  I will always recommend the rodeo.  One confession, there was a guy selling shirts there that I talked to about a possible affiliate type collaboration on the net, but that was at intermission so it doesn’t really count.



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