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Happy Mother’s Day

Mother's Day card

Mother's Day card (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

from the Cantankerous Old Coots.

We love mothers.

We love Mother’s Day.

We love all the corny, sentimental music.

We do draw the line at Mother’s Day Brunches however. If Mom needs a Mother’s Day Brunch, she should have had a daughter.

So where did Mother’s Day come from? 

If you are like me, you have no idea who thought up the idea of Mother’s Day although you might have suspected that it was dreamed up in the Hallmark Cards back office. It wasn’t.

Hallmark has profited from Mother’s Day just like the florists and restaurants but the idea was first proclaimed by Julia Ward Howe following the Civil War. It started it’s climb to prominence when  Anna Jarvis trademarked the phrases “second Sunday in May” and “Mother’s Day”, and created the Mother’s Day International Association Creating Mother’s Day was no bed of roses however and Anna had reason later in life to try and reform her creation when it became too commercial for her tastes.

Mother’s Day’s Dark History

Moving right along to today we find many examples of good mothers. For example the Mother of the Year selected by American Mothers Inc.



Time Magazine has it’s own ideas about motherhood and issued this challenge.

Are you Mom enough.

Of course no Mother;s Day is complete without a good movie to celebrate the joys of motherhood and how important mothers are to their sons.

Mother knows best!

Even today, many sons find the movie inspiring and use it’s example to honor their own mothers.

B’klyn man guilty of stealing $100K in benefits by dressing up as dead mom

I hope that learning more about Mother’s Day gets you in the proper spirit to honor the mother’s in your life today and that the news stories provide inspiration for your celebrations.



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  4 Responses to “Coot’s News Service for Mother’s Day”

  1. Sure wish that little boy on the Time cover was me 🙂

  2. So Hansi, have you showed this to your daughter? And explained how your mother cheated you? You could have quite a Mother’s Day conversation over brunch today.

  3. So this post debunks my conspiracy theory that Mother’s Day is a collaboration between the people at Hallmark Cards back office, florist shops and restaurants to earn extra money during the month of May.

    • That’s right Terrence. It didn’t start with Hallmark although they certainly contributed to making Mother’s Day the holiday we know and love today.

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