Feb 232015
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Folks…I try to make the “Tinfoil Hat Club” videos look as spontaneous as possible, but the fact is they are usually scripted. Not this time. This time I just got mad and did the video totally off the cuff…I apologize for it not being very “polished”.Rules for Radicals

Barack Obama proved he is a Saul Alinsky believer…you know, the author of “Rules for Radicals”… and that he (Obama) believes “the end justifies the means”…even if the means include intentionally inviting a terrorist attack ON PURPOSE for political gain…to promote his communist…yes, I said communist, not just socialist…agenda.

I know this show is called “The Tinfoil Hat Club”, but there are no tinfoil hat similarities here…just hard, straightforward facts that cannot be denied. My interpretation of those facts? Well…you’ll have to decide that for yourself.

So…you folks tell me…do I need to put my tinfoil hat on for seeing this one as I do, or am I spot on? And…if you believe I am right, what do you intend to do? Keep sitting on the couch eating chips, drinking beer, and watching “American Idol”, or are you going to actually DO something?

“Like what?”, you ask? Well…how about the list of people you have in your email list? Emai them the link to this page if you want them to hear it from me…or just tell them what I said yourself, and tell them why you believe it too.

Post it to Facebook…tweet it if you have Twitter. Again, link here or explain it yourself…I’m not looking for traffic to this site…I want as many people as possible to learn in any way possible just what kind of worthless scum is currently occupying the White House…YOUR house!

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