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I rail about government quite a bit.  It is a really easy thing to do if you believe in the United States and the vision the founding fathers had for it…and if you believe in the rule of law as set down in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, along with subsequent amendments.

One thing I often hear…and that I find quite irritating…is the statement that, “I don’t do anything because it does no good.  Washington only pays attention to lobbyists and big doners.  The people have no chance.”

Bullshit.George Washington's 1788 letter to the Marquis...

OK…so we DO have to work a little harder than we would if we had elected officials that KNEW we were their bosses, not the other way around.  Well…a little hard work never hurt anyone, and we brought it on ourselves anyway, by sitting on the couch with a beer and chips and watching football and American Idol instead of paying attention to what was happening to our country.

So, now we get off our asses and take our country back from the communists.

Yes, I said communists.  With very rare exception…and to those exceptions, I apologize

…our elected officials in Washington fall into two groups:  Communists and cowards.  One group wants to destroy our constitutional republic, and the other group doesn’t have the balls to stop them.  Well,,,you and I, backing them up, can help some of them grow a pair.

And yes…your voice DOES make a difference, as the video proves:

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  3 Responses to “Yes, you CAN make a difference. Here is proof.”

  1. I agree. We are just one voice and we cannot be heard in an ocean of people. However, if we can get people to say the things that we are saying at the same time, it will be loud enough to be heard.

  2. I admit it, a critical mass could push things in the right direction, especially in the age of social media…

    • Such needed critical mas can be created almost out of thin air…ALMOST…by a few appearing to be many. When you call a congressional office or an agenct public affairs office, their assumption is that you are one speaking for many MANY more who are as upset, but silent. At the polls, one person is one person. On the phone to a congersscritter’s staffer, you are 100…1000…10,000…

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