Apr 292012
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It’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature! 

waters on the Adams river thick with Sockeye s...

waters on the Adams river thick with Sockeye salmon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once again it’s time for our Cantankerous Old Coots news report. I don’t know if Bob is getting to me but all of the stories today are about government. Now that I think about it, these days it is hard to find any aspect of life where the government hasn’t gotten itself involved. And as soon as the government starts messing with something, they find unintended consequences that they have to fix which cause other unintended consequences and soon enough we have a whole government bureaucracy to manage something that took care of itself for millions of years at no cost. Once you intervene into Mother Nature’s affairs, there is just no getting out. As they are finding out it Oregon. It’s not so easy to do something nice for the beleaguered salmon. First you have to say ‘May I’.

Oregon asks to kill salmon-eating birds

In California, lawmakers discover that loveable sea otters just can’t play nice with fisherman and don’t believe in the rule of law.  Bill would keep Southern California’s controversial ‘no-otter zone’ in place

Bill would keep Southern California’s controversial ‘no-otter zone’ in place

Don't fence me in

The other story this week takes us back to Germany. German politics is always interesting because Germans seem unable to manage with only two parties. With two parties, politics is simple and boring. You have a majority party and a minority party. One controls and the other fusses. When you have three or more parties, then nobody has a majority and politics is a mess. Messy politics, coalitions of people that don’t get along and gridlock are probably the main reason the European Union was formed. With the EU, bureacrats run everything and voters don’t count. Like the EPA back here. Governing is easy unless you are the poor citizen.  But I digress.

German’s used to love the Green party but with the solar debacle, Green has gotten a bad name and out of nowhere a new party has emerged to take it’s place.  Move aside Christian Democrats.  Make way for  – The Pirate Party. ARRRRG!.

German Pirate Party Attempts to Reinvent Politics 

Don't mess with the pirate party

As usual, Bob has sent some more stories that titillate his funny bone.  Don’t blame me.

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  1. Those otters are rebellious in nature. probably belong to the Tea party 🙂

  2. Hansi,
    Much like probation officers.

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