Mar 252012
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Well, I did get one vote last week.

That’s one third of the votes cast in our survey. Maybe it’s not a mandate but it’s better than a kick in the teeth so here we are with another edition of the Coots News Service. Trying to find upbeat stories gets harder and harder. If there is good news going on anywhere, the reporters sure do a great job in covering it up.

Too old to drive?

It may not be good news but the environmental disaster that is Germany just keeps rolling on as this story tells.  It seems that senior drivers in Germany are causing more accidents and nobody wants to do anything about it.  It’s not that German seniors are bad drivers so much as the German driving laws don’t account for diminished driving skills with aging. The German philosophy is ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’. They don’t ask seniors to prove that they still have the chops to drive.  Once you have a drivers license, you never have to requalify.  The result is more accidents involving seniors. But the politicians, as usual, don’t want to antagonize a voting block even if it means putting everybody at risk.

 Unrestricted Seniors Endanger German Roads 

Germany still shies away from stricter rules, insisting that retirees’ right to drive should not be restricted. Anyone who has ever passed the driving test is allowed to get into the driver’s seat, even if he or she is 95, has been using a stair lift at home for years and no longer recognizes the neighbors. The only thing government officials, doctors or relatives can do is to encourage them to give up driving.

I spent some time trying to find stories that are upbeat or provide help in making life better and finally inspiration stick. It’s always been my thought that if people stopped spending $10 or more a day on fancy coffee drinks at Starbucks, the recession would be over. Saving that money would probable make up for the surge in gas prices and eliminate hunger as well. It isn’t that there is anything wrong with coffee. Coffee is good. Recently, scientists have actually proved it. But who needs all the extra calories and the extravagant costs of those fancy coffee drinks? Nobody, that’s who.

Be a Better Home Barista 

There are nearly 7 million tons of coffee beans consumed worldwide on a yearly basis. Coffee consumption is rivaled only by tap water in North America. If you’re a coffee drinker and you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where you had coffee but no coffee maker, you know how frustrating it can be to figure out a way to brew a cup of morning coffee to start your day. Here’s a quick, easy method for brewing a pot of coffee when your resources are limited.


So today, the CNS serves you up information on how to get that healthy coffee working for you while saving money. Drop the barista at Starbucks and do it yourself at home., Everybody wins.

If anybody still has a suggestion for this CNS assignment, even though I won by a landslide, you can still cast your vote right here.


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  6 Responses to “CNS for March 25, 2012- Do it yourself!”

  1. Nothing worse than a bunch of old Germans driving all over the place and causing accidents. I’m glad I live in America where people are only stoned, well armed, or talking on cell phones.

  2. Hansi, There must be something worse than old Germans. Quite possibly it is young Germans. Relax and have a cup of Joe.

  3. My brother was in Germany with a travel group for Rotary. There were no posted peed limits. So he was just driving back to Austria which where they were staying. When they got to the border, he was presented with a speeding ticket. He was on the autobahn. You are not to pass a bus. If you do, you were speeding. He just didn’t know. So they have cameras from time to time. If you are behind a bus and then you are in front of a bus, then you were speeding! What a deal?

  4. Peg,
    Interesting folk those Germans.

  5. Sad to hear about those accidents involving senior drivers. Well, you can’t really stop them from driving. Driving for me gives a sense of confidence and courage. Well, enough of that. Plus, I don’t like coffee so I think I am contributing to the world’s economy. or not? Ha! Thanks! 🙂

    • Actually, Cassandra, you can test their abilities from time to time like we do here in the States. Since you don’t drink coffee, you probably don’t go the Starbucks either.

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