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Hello there.  Today I am bringing you a post about Golf.  Golf has some interesting origins in Scotland and some great benefits as you will read.  Feel free to discuss in the comments….

Golf: an Exciting Sport

If you enjoy creative problem-solving, golf is a game you may want to consider. This is because the problems encountered on the golf course require the application of creative problem solving skills. Besides the mental effort entailed, many players love golf sport because it allows them to develop good eye-hand coordination, build patience and foster perseverance. All these are important qualities that can be readily transferred to any other area of your life, to boost positive outcomes, whether it concerns work, business, studies, familial responsibilities or personal hobbies. The beauty of golf is that it allows you to engage in a leisurely game, benefit from physical activity and apply mental effort, all of which occur in pleasant outdoor settings. Golf is also a highly recommended game for individuals recovering from sports injuries. This is because the game isn’t very physically exerting, which helps to assist in recovery from injury as well as prevent further injuries.

What Makes Golf a Great Sport?

For some, golf may not appear to be much of a sport or worthwhile game to engage in. The constant walking all over a field, in pursuit of a small, white golf ball, may appear dull and uninspiring. However, here are some reasons that make golf sport a great game.

  • Boosts the Wellbeing – the best sports game I love, golf, is highly therapeutic and relaxing. Going out to play on the golf course brings you into direct contact with nature. You get to see, at close range, vast areas of beautiful green grass, spot birds and butterflies freely flying around and enjoy the sight of clear blue skies. This is both a pleasurable and relaxing experience. Indeed, the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery is reason enough as to why I love golf.
  • Develops Discipline – as with most sports, the love of golf does not develop overnight. As you engage in practice sessions on a regular basis, you steadily develop an appreciation of the commitment and diligence that it takes to perfect your game. For the most part, developing your skills in golf requires individual effort. Unlike some games such as football, basketball or ice hockey, which clearly involve team effort, golf has a different arrangement. Enthusiasm for the game is largely a matter of personal inclination. However, once you grasp an appreciation for the game, you’ll steadily develop more commitment to excel. The game also provides plenty of opportunities to test your skills, by engaging in competitions, some of which may involve teams.
  • Engaging Game – not only is golf relaxing, it is also very engaging. The game involves a great deal of walking all over the golf course and the application of sustained mental effort. This makes for an intriguing game and one that allows you to take a complete break from stressful situations at work or elsewhere. The relaxation that golf provides in an outdoor setting is enough to make one love golf sport more than any other. It is an excellent stress reliever and helps you to develop a clear perspective of things beyond the golf course.
  • Financial Gain – for some, golf love is motivated by business reasons or a desire to understand more about the business aspects of the sport. Many business people who engage in golf find that the golf course is an excellent place to develop new business partnerships and strike deals. Likewise, for many new golfers, business reasons are the main motivation for the love of golf sport. Check out the resources here for more regarding the business aspects of sports.
  • Physical Activity – golf players engage in a lot of walking. Quite often, players will walk for more than 18 holes, which can be equated to a distance of more than 3 miles. Walking is a great form of physical activity and helps to promote good health. Besides walking, golfers also have to regularly swing and carry their golf clubs. This helps to burn up calories and keep you fit. Those who regularly engage in the game a couple of times each week can be sure of getting a fair amount of exercise.


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  4 Responses to “Get out and play some Golf!”

  1. Justin,
    Golf, eh? Chasing a little white ball in an electric cart develops eye-hand coordination? Who knew! What happened to your passion for fishing? Surely casting that line develops eye-hand coordination as well with the added benefit that fish are better to eat than little white balls. And golf takes hours to play, not to mention the practice time. Meanwhile are those kettlebells gathering dust?

  2. Ahh well there definitely is not as much satisfaction in golf as there is in fishing. The weather is getting better and I am so ready to go catch something it is not even funny. The problem is gas prices. I can’t afford to go anywhere to fish. It sucks but there it is. I suppose I will give up and go live in the mountains like I want to anyway. As for the kettlebells, most of them are gathering dust, except the one I use. BTW I don’t know how you got that picture of me for the CNS from Sunday but nice job. I thought you old guys liked to play golf, you are the ones that can afford it.

  3. Wow! I haven’t played golf yet but it seems to be really an exciting game! I’ve only seen it on the tv but it isn’t interesting to see it, I think I should give it a try!

  4. Never tried golf. Then again there’s a lot of stuff I haven’t done before, like sticking my finger in a light socket. That could be equally as fun 🙂

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