Jan 292012
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No time to dawdle this week

Show time at the old Coot’s New Service this week and a road trip to Visalia making the schedule tight for the news staff. The news hasn’t cooperated either.  This week isn’t like last week with three stories vying for the top spot. It’s just an ordinary week with ordinary news and I don’t have time to keep searching.

The Northern Lights

This week’s story is about the wonders of nature. This week it’s the spectacular show from the northern lights courtesy of the sun. I don’t know how it works but the sun’s radiation does some spectacular things in the northern sky. I’ve never seen them and may never feel inspired to travel north when it’s cold just for the show. With the wonders of electronics we can share the experience of those who do.


The other great things about this kind of story is that there is no human intervention. What you see is what you get. There is no touchy-feeling explanation, no politically correct bullshit, no environmental craziness and no commercials. All there is is a big glow in the sky. All you need is a hot toddy and a warm parka. But don’t get cocky. Any minute now the government might decide to tax it or regulate it. All that radiation can’t be good.


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  3 Responses to “CNS for January 29, 2012 Light Storm”

  1. I think the Northern Lights are just another “global warming” fantasy made up by the liberal media.

  2. Hansi,
    Insightful as always.

  3. I was hunting with my Dad and Grandpa one year down in Central Utah and we saw the aurora borealis just before dawn. It was pretty cool.

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