Jan 152012
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Progress is our most important product!

Two stories today that tell you a lot about where we are going as a society. I know that I’m always saying how things are going to hell in a hand basket but there is still some of the old spirit left in the country. We haven’t all been transformed into self indulgent and selfish egomaniacs who have to experience self-gratification now and don’t care what it does to us or anybody else.

Not every movie is a non-stop explosion of unbelievable and incredibly noisy special effects that have nothing to do with the plot (oh I forgot, movies don’t have plots these days because today nobody can remember anything for more than 20 seconds).

Not every invention is designed to titillate the incredibly self-indulgent egos of the brain-dead products of modern education. At least not yet.

Where are those cities on the Moon?

We’ve come a long way from the optimistic ‘we can do anything’ mindset of the 50’s when I was a kid.  You know the one where ‘Progress was our most important product’. We all believed that there would be cities on the moon and outposts on other planets before the 20th century was history. We believed in the American spirit and American ingenuity. We believed in the shining beacon on the hill that would lead the world into a new era of freedom and liberty. And we didn’t have a clue about the train wreck of the 60’s where overindulged baby boomers would steer the country into the rocks just like that Italian cruise ship.

These days we may go bankrupts supporting the plethora of worthless, self-indulgent leeches which our country produces. We subsidize them when we ought to tax them out of existence.  No way these days we can afford the great expense of space exploration to free us from the limitations of life on this planet. We’re stuck on this rock.  What inspires people now is self-indulgent personal exultation like we can get from personal electronics like the iphone and ipad which even the welfare recipients can afford these days thanks to the ever more indulgent  welfare mentality taught in schools and supported by the greedy state bureaucrats that have supplanted government of and by the people.   But I digress.  We were talking about inventions.

Two stories today contrast the focus of modern technology today. One shows the long term thinking and focus that made America great and the other the mindless self-indulgence that is taking us down the path to chaos. You pick.

Universal Flu Vaccine Could Be Available by 2013

Do Swine love flue?

Do Swine love flu?

This one looks good. It seems that those silly yearly flu shots will soon be a thing of the past. For me, I stopped getting the flu shots years ago- about the same time I stopped getting the flu. I don’t know for sure that one is a consequence of the other but I’ve been suspicious ever since I found out that the government plays Russian roulette with the flue strains trying to guess which ones will be coming at you next yeat. How could the government know what flu would be active a year ahead of time anyway? It was more like playing the lottery than buying insurance. Far better to just stay healthy in the first place. Anyway the evidence is on my since since I have not gotten the flu since making that decision.

Still this new vaccine looks like progress even if it will destroy jobs and damage the economy. One shot that lasts for years whatever flu strain shows up. But I can’t help wondering why, if I don’t catch the flu now without the shots, I should worry about getting the new vaccine. It may be progress but do I need it. Food for thought. Still, there is no need to worry now. I have until 2013.

The other story is about an invention that allows you to read emails and text messages no matter what you might be doing

Email in your eye? Next-generation video screen glasses could lay messages or GPS over your field of vision

I’ve probably signaled my position but still the Coots want to know what you think.  Is there any American ingenuity left?  Or are we in a hopeless downward spiral?


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  2 Responses to “CNS-Headline News for January 15, 2012”

  1. I’m with ya all the way, and like you, can’t wait for them email visions to start appearing before my eyes. It’d kinda be like seeing the world in 3-D. The concept of course is nothing new, and has really been around since the sixties; we used to call it LSD. 🙂

  2. Hansi,
    Makes you wonder who was sending those messages. Maybe Monsanto was right- the future lies with chemicals.

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