Dec 252011
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Maybe you don’t need to know this story

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But, after all, today is Christmas. After you discover how misguided and stupid your friends and family are when you open your Christmas gifts and while you wait to stuff you gut with calorie laden Christmas treats that will only add more yardage to your waistline and make your New Years resolve to loose weight even more difficult, here is a heartwarming story about a cow who yearned for freedom.

 Yvonne the Cow to Become Hollywood Star

Alas for Yvonne, the dream of freedom was short-lived. The idea that a cow should be free was just too much for the public. Unable to stand the idea that a cow should be free while humans have to put up with government tyranny, Yvonne had to be locked up.  In liberty challenged Germany, the public just couldn’t allow a cow doing what she liked. It was setting a bad precedent.

But she did avoid execution.  Finally captured and subdued, Yvonne’s dreams of freedom were dashed. She now lives in a gilded cage like the rest of the German public and her story will become an animated movie.  What more could she ask?

It’s a wonderful life.

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