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Well folks, in the grand tradition of sites everywhere I am participating in yet another year end post.  Today I have a few awards to hand out.


We will start right here with the coots:

Justin, that’s me, gets the Laziest Coot  with the most Crap to Do award.  I award myself this because it seems the hours that used to be productive are now stolen by a 1 year old and cleaning up the house.  I can only hope that 2012 will allow me to get more sleep and concentrate more on my business and making some dough.  Both bread and money.

Ralph will get the Most Persistent award.  It seems like he has nothing better to do most of the time so he writes.  He has kept this blog afloat this year and even went above and beyond to get a post out on Christmas.  Well done Ralph.

Bob gets an award that is similar to mine.  He gets the Too Damn Much on His Plate for His Own Good award.  This year has seen him start several sites and purchase much software that will keep him occupied for hours trying to figure it out.  And then he suckers me into his world as well….

To Hansi, he gets the Only Person Who Reads this Blog Consistently and Comments award.  If it wasn’t for  him, we would have no interaction at all.

To Steve Jobs, the About Damn Time You Gave Up award.  Now I am not against Steve Jobs, but, good grief if you know what I mean.

To JustHost.com, they get the You Lost A Customer With Your Crap Policies and Mediocre Customer Service award.  That title says it all, but the best service I have received from them over the last 2 years was when I was canceling my account there.

and in a related award, To HostGator.com.  There is a reason everyone and their dog recommends them.  They get the You Gained A Customer With Clear Policies and Customer Service That Should Be The Textbook Model for Customer Service Around The World In Every Field award.

To Google, you get the award for making us all paranoid about SEO rankings and what we are going to do to keep from getting blackballed in the rankings.  I call it the “Thanks For Making All Of Us Your Bitch” Award.

To Bing, you get the What The Hell Is Bing Anyway award.

and finally to our lawmakers in Washington, you get the I Voted For This?? award for proposing SOPA.  Look it up if you wish I don’t want to explain it more than to say it is stupidity on the hoof, at your expense.

Well that about wraps it up for this year and this edition of the Coots Awards.  We are staring firmly into the gaping maw of 2012 and I am kind of getting a “Sarlaac Pit” feeling, it is going to be a long year.

Yet, for all of that, Happy New Year from the Coots.  Now go get your Christmas Lights down and lets look forward to Martin Luther King Day.



PS here are some doozy articles that we have written and you may have missed.  Enjoy.

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Justin is the young Coot with a Cantankerous Soul who continues to be educated by older, more cootish Ralph and Bob. His Cantankerosity is his own.

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  2 Responses to “Year End Coots Awards”

  1. Hey…thanks for the Award. Nothing like an award to make it a Feel-good Friday. Enjoy the New Year

  2. Well Justin, thanks for the award. It’s a wonderful world where you get recognized for merely doing what you said you would do. Still I have to sympathize with the demands of a baby in the house. What I can’t fathom is that with those pressures, your cantankerous quotient seems to have barely budged. I blame the kettle bells.
    You would think that Bob would be overwhelmed by cantankerosity as well but you would never know it from his posts. He could write a whole post on caps locks, for example, but that might be considered work.
    Hansi does indeed merit a reward for providing almost our only link to the real world. Although if Hansi represents the real world then maybe we are all in trouble.
    As I learn from you and Bob, Hostgator provides excellent service. My bad for never asking for any. It’s probably just as well because Bob sucks them dry.

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