Dec 182011
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It’s almost here!

Don’t tell me that the Coot’s are out of touch. Just a week ago I recounted my own personal dilemma about Christmas cards, Merry Christmas sentiments and the whole idea that Christmas is a religious holiday central to European heritage and Western Civilization.

Maybe I didn’t say all that but down underneath my words, those deep undercurrents of thought were swirling violently as I described my journey from simple country boy to nuanced, sophisticated and effete college grad. Now, in my dotage, I am learning that the nuance and sophistication don’t wear well and erode the spirit. I am drawn more and more back to the simple world of my youth where faith, trust and belief brought people together in a common cause and patriotism wasn’t embarrassing.

We can’t teach them to read but we must send them to college.

One of the casualties of today’s mission to inflict a college education on everyone is the adoption of this nuanced sophistication as SOP. Faith is stupid is today’s mantra. Religion therefore must be tempered with nuance and sophistication. No eternal damnation for the unbeliever! No absolute right or wrong. But still some intransigent people cling to faith and hold our society back from moving to the next level of transcendence where all is relative and nothing has meaning.  This can’t be tolerated!

Lib Radio Host Bill Press Tells Tebow: ‘S-T-F-U’ (Shut the F**k Up) About Jesus

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Guys like Tim Tebow with their simple humility and faith just can’t be allowed to express their conflicting world view these days because kids might hear him and notice that there isn’t much meaning in the nuanced and sophisticated world they live in. He must be mocked and ridiculed into submission no matter what the Bill of Rights says.

 Congressmen can’t say ‘Merry Christmas’ in mail

Well today, nuance and sophistication hits the Congress. Congressmen can’t wish their constituents Merry Christmas unless they want to pay the postage out of their own pockets. Now that the nuanced and sophisticated have nearly completed their takeover of government, it is time to ‘Tim Tebow ‘ the members of Congress. No matter that most of their constituents would welcome a Christmas greeting from Congress. It might help them feel better about being raped and pillaged the rest of the year.

The takeover isn’t quite complete, however. The article explains that for some strange reason, the Senate is still free to say Merry Christmas. I’m waiting for the cries of complaint. Shut the F*** up, Senators!

And while it is still allowed.  “Merry Christmas to you all”

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  1. And a Merry Christmas to you too, Ralph. (BTW< y'all is a contraction when used properly, not two different words).

  2. Not to Clement Moore!

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