Dec 082013
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You never have to look far to find stupidity in government, and public schools make themselves SUCH an easy target.  You might call the public education industry a target rich environment for folks looking for poor performance among government agencies.

School discipline is an especially easy target when you want to ridicule a government agency, their administrators generally using “zero tolerance” as an excuse to check their good judgement (if they had any to begin with) at the door.

Here are two fine examples of what “zero tolerance” can do…and in the second case we get a two-fer…zero tolerance combined with political correctness.

You DO know what political correctness is, don’t you? It’s trying to pick up a turd by the clean end.

So…learn all about suspending children for normal bodily functions and innocuous comments.

Your tax dollars at work.  Enjoy!


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  2 Responses to “For a supposed learning environment, public schools sure are dumb”

  1. Bob,
    I am sure that sometime in my elementary school career, I must have burped and it is quite probable that it was gym class. Somehow it didn’t deter my graduation or disrupt the learning process. I don’t know if I ever had a ‘cute’ teacher but I do remember may female classmates talking openly about how cute Mr. Chronister was. It is hard to understand how we managed with all that unchecked bad behavior.

  2. Ralph, if burping got one in trouble back when I was in school, I was guilty often enough I’d probably be doing 20 to life as a habitual offender.

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