Jul 252012
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We are Cantankerous, that is established.  For some reason, when we start talking about Coots, Zemanta (a groovy little plugin that helps you add pictures to your posts) brings up this:

Common Coots

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These are Coots.  Worse they are common coots.  At this site, we strive to be way beyond common.  Typing “Coots” into Google gives you 10 different sites with definitions of the birds.  Finally at number 11 is our site, the Cantankerous Old Coots.com.  Not too bad, but we are ever striving to get that higher.  As our Alexa rank rises alongside the readership of this site, Google can’t help but put us above some mangy waterfowl.

I would like to start typing Coots in this blog and wait for Zemanta to bring up these pictures:

 or even  or heaven forbid

  Of course it could just as easily bring up

 and I don’t even know who that guy is.

Alas, dreams they be and as ethereal as the wind unless all of you keep coming back and telling your friends about us.  The year is almost over now and there are big things in store for 2012.  Stay tuned.  and in the meantime, review our manifesto with the link below and number 14 of the Coots Lessons.  You can learn all about being Cantankerous with the lessons and join Hansi as a graduate of the prestigious and venerable Coots University.

Check it out over the weekend.


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Justin is the young Coot with a Cantankerous Soul who continues to be educated by older, more cootish Ralph and Bob. His Cantankerosity is his own.

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  7 Responses to “What a Coot Could Be….”

  1. There’s noting better than letting a machine do all the thinking for ya. Leaves ya plenty of time to just sit there an space-out 🙂

  2. Justin,
    Coots we are but common, never! And that’s probably a good thing.

  3. What a sorry looking bunch! Seeing this is like a horror movie …. and on Saturday morning to boot.

    • Dont go into the woodshed Frank, Bob will be waiting for you with political commentary and sharp implements. glad you are joining the conversation, thanks!

  4. Yes Frank,
    It’s not even safe on Saturday morning.

  5. Frank…yer across the pond, aren’t you? Well..my next show…live on the 22nd, the recorded rebroadcast on the 29th, will do as usual…take shots at political stupidity…but the show will be taking aim across that pond. The EU has caught my fancy…

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