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faster than light..

As you avid readers of the Coot’s News Service know, we have abandoned our comprehensive news report on whatever we can find good in the news for a good old fashioned rant about how it is all going to hell in a hand basket. While you might think that this makes it easy for our reporters, you would be very wrong. Finding good news was a time consuming pain but it was no less difficult than deciding what story is more deserving of a rant- a big challenge in these progressive times. Well, this week it is easy. Einstein was wrong! And the boomers are scared shitless.

Heads of top physics labs wary of speed of light findings but see beyond Einstein

If I didn’t fear the copywrite police, you’d be listening to REM crooning in the background. These days you would think they’d be grateful for any publicity they can get. You will just have to use your imaginations. For my unnamed generation that predates the boomers, this is no big deal. We are used to handling things by ourselved, Nobody held our hands. Our parents had a war to win. Einstein was a big deal because he had something to do with the bomb that finally ended the damn thing. We liked results. Boomers go for feelings, especially their own.

Relatively Speaking, we don’t get it.

We never really got the ‘relativity’ thing anyway but this is going to shake up boomers who grew with E=mc² thinking.  To them “It’s all relative.”

Well, if these Europeans are right, it’s not all relative. Some particles are more equal than others.

European neutrinos don’t know their place.

That’s right some impudent European neutrinos were clocked going faster than the speed of light on their way from Switzerland to Italy. That means that you’d be hit by the neutrino before you could see it coming. Mind blowing! But if it is true it means that Einsteing is all wet.

Batten the hatches! 

As usual the scientific establishment (probably dominated by boomers) is pooh-poohing this research even as other researchers attempt to replicate the accomplishment, Secretly (or not so secretly) they want to fail. It’s a cozy little world in the shelter of Einstein’s theory. If he is wrong about the universal speed limit, then what else has he got wrong? We may be stuck with Quantum Mechanics after all.


The breakdown of the laws of physcis may just be part of a new order that will profoundly affect boomers boomers as the march proudly into retirement expecting the world to make them happy as it always has.. All through their lives, reality has bent to provide their every want and need. Nobody ever said no to the boomers. The world was their oyster and each oyster had a pearl.  Everybody pulled out all the stops to make sure boomers got whatever they wanted. It was all about them. In the 60’s boomers even changed the rules. Up was down. Black was white. Life was sacred – unless you were pregnant. Men were pigs.  Women were perfect.  Everything was relative. It’s all about me. Kids were optional- and a damn expensive nuisance. They could wait until after that ski trip.

Somehow the universe never got the message. 

Boomers thought that the rules they made up would see them safely and comfortably to their graves with all the deference and indulgence they were used to. They had made their bed and expected to lie comfortably in it for all eternity. They expected their kids to indulge them just like their parents had. They expected the rules they made up to prevail against reality.

They were wrong.

Another less self-indulgent generation might have made it work. A generation that valued life and traditional values enough to raise children to replace them in the market place and support them in their old age might be finding a secure and happy retirement supported by a growing population of breadwinners and taxpayers. But not the boomers. They weren’t their stupid parents all cought up in making a better world for their children. It was all about them- and it still is.

If Einstein and relativity tank, it is a fitting companion to the empty and self-indulgent reign of the baby boomers who are learning too late that only their parents loved them.  The rest of us are getting the ice flows ready.





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  4 Responses to “CNS for October 9, 2011-It’s the end of the world as we know it.”

  1. Those Europeans and Relativity. What is this world coming to? Hey, I got relatives in Europe.

  2. “European neutrinos don’t know their place” lol…do any neutrinos know their place? do we???

    • Ella,
      It is really getting old, cleaning up after the Europeans. Unfortunately that seems to be our place in the world. Cleaning up everybody else’s messes.

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