Sep 292011
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It gets confusing looking at all of these old posts coming up from the archives.  Some of them are really pretty good and I am glad they are out again to inspire someone.  Hopefully.  Well  if you havent noticed, this is not a podcast.  Why?  I just don’t feel like it this week.  Much like Bob, lassiez- faire is the way to go for this week.

What is that Bob?  You are not lassiez-faire?  Where is Tuesday’s “podio” production?  Anyway, this post is a response to Ralph‘s post yesterday.  He brings up some good points.

The meteoric rise of the Coots is great, but why is it happening and what can we do to make it happen more?  Where are the people that want to beat down our digital door to learn how to be cantankerous?  I’ll tell you, they are still out there.  They are waiting for the time when the lessons are on video and audio and we are charging $19.95 for them.

I can do that if it will help.  In the meantime we will have to be content with podio (still sounds like something I need to do to get my kid out of diapers) from Bob and commentary from the rest of us.  We may never understand exactly why this blog works.

We may never make actual money from it.  Scratch that, we haven’t made any money yet but now that we have that new program that links bank accounts and passwords to visiting IP addresses…wait, you are not supposed to know about that.

In light of success and always trying to manage it to create something more, hopefully better, we are switching things up a bit.  We will still have old posts from the vast hoard of wonderfulness that we have spewed forth over the past year and a half.    Those post up rather randomly but still worth the read.

Bob will be bringing us “The Political Coot”  live on Tuesday mornings at 10 AM Eastern.  That is 6 AM on the west coast kids…too damn early if you ask me.  If you miss the live session you can catch the replay the next Monday right here on the Coots.

Ralph will continue to be the workhorse backbone of the Coots and will still publish whatever the hell he wants on Wednesday.  If a big enough burr gets under his saddle then Saturday will have a post.  Sunday, the CNS news service survives for now, it may not in the future.

Justin will continue to try and sollicit guest posts from our frequent commentors, Hansi, this means you.  He ( Justin not Hansi) will also be posting whatever comes to mind on Thursday and Friday.  Thursday should be a podcast but, like today, it isn’t.  Friday is up in the air if it will be a podcast or not.  We still have to have something to actually read on here.

So there you have it folks, the Coots are on the rise and we will be taking over your bank accounts  er internet systems and browsers soon!  and remember, from the comments on Ralph’s post,

Maybe that is the secret to happiness and the meaning of life- a giant 404 error.

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Justin is the young Coot with a Cantankerous Soul who continues to be educated by older, more cootish Ralph and Bob. His Cantankerosity is his own.

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  6 Responses to “It’s all swirling in my head and leaking into my computer.”

  1. Note to Hansi. No good deed goes unpunished. Even by recycled law enforcement officials.

  2. Did i say that? A truism none the less.

  3. Justin, you get lazy confused with Lassiez-faire. I’m too redneck to have a fancy Frog term hung on me.

  4. Just trying to have some sort of *sophistication* here. Besides it sounds like I had some education somewhere. The tough part was spelling it.

  5. Spelig is eazy. If’n u ain’t shur abot sumpin’, just use spel chek.

  6. Confusing signal indeed…;) Must check that out…

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