Down with vegetarianism!

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“Vegetables are interesting but lack a sense of purpose when unaccompanied by a good cut of meat.”

Fran Lebowitz

There are many reasons why vegetarianism is wrong including the proven fact that it is impossible to get everything your body needs for health from vegetables alone.  Still, the most important reason of all as Ms. Lebowitz says is that without meat, it is impossible to have a satisfying meal.

Humans are omnivores.

Let’s face it, human beings are omnivores. It is one of the big reasons that we dominate the animal kingdom. We would and could eat anything that we could find. It is why you find humans all over the world in every climate and habitat. Our ancestors ate anything they could get; a little meat here, a little fruit there and vegetables to fill in the holes. Pre-civilization, men were hunters and we have the cave paintings to prove it. As civilization progressed, men became farmers, keeping herds of animals for meat and milk while they grew crops both to feed their animals and to bolster their diets.

What are vegetarians afraid of?

So why is it that today we have so many people who insist on avoiding meat? What are they thinking to put thousands of years of history and success with meat eating on hold and to cause them to risk their health with such foolishness? You have to give a pass to folks who for religious reasons won’t eat meat because they fear they might eat their reincarnated Aunt Josephine. Coots are not going to criticize serious religion here (although we might be caught smirking from time to time). What can possibly cause normal people to shun meat? I am no shrink but my opinion is that these folks have got themselves totally detached from reality.

Nobody farms anymore.

Almost nobody today grows up in a rural, agricultural environment unlike the golden days of my youth. The only animals people know today are their dogs and cats. They would certainly never think of eating their pets and companions and therefore make an unrealistic comparison between farm animals and pets.  This is very different from the more realistic view of animals back when we were an agrarian society. Even forty years ago, people were closer to farming. If you didn’t grow up on a farm, you knew somebody who did or you had grandparents who farmed. Farmers have a more healthy understanding about animals and what they are for – food! This was how the world worked. It was the pattern of life. Men raise animals and then eat them. Period, end of story.

All they know is cute little animals.

Today because nobody ever sees a farm animal or experiences the process of making food, they get neurotic about cute little creatures. I remember raising chickens as a kid, first in our suburban house and then on our farm. One of my earliest memories is watching my father kill a chicken for dinner by chopping off its head. My brothers and I enjoyed watching the headless chicken flop all around the yard. We knew first hand the reality of a chicken with its head cut off. We knew that the chicken was not tortured. Its demise was quick and merciful. And we knew that this is what chickens are for – eating.

People today live in a fantasy where nothing is messy.

People today know nothing about the realities of feeding yourself from your own labors and they have access to anything that takes their fancy just by visiting the local supermarket without any pain or effort. Because they love their pets, they confuse pets with animals whose only reason for existing is to feed humans. This makes them suckers for organizations like PETA with its confused morality that equates farm animals to humans. If you do anything to a farm animal that you wouldn’t do to a human then you are bad. Sloppy logic leads to wrong conclusions and unhealthy eating driven by confused morality. The emotional pablum that eating animals is cruel drives them to become vegetarians to sooth their confused consciences.

Survival of the fittest – as always.

In the end, I suspect that Darwin will have the last laugh. In the long run, those foolish individuals that damage their health with deluded morality and the pablum of vegetarianism will fail to procreate and raise healthy offspring leaving the world to meat eaters.


Ralph is the inspiration for Cantankerous Old Coots and is our Grand Duke of Cantankerousness

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  5 Responses to “Down with vegetarianism!”

  1. I can’t agree more Ralph. Meat is meant to be eaten. I remember the first time my Grandpa slaughtered one of his cows, one day she was being milked, 2 days later wrapped in butcher paper in the freezer.

    I was about 5 when my Dad brought home a deer during hunting season and I helped him (as Ted Nugent says) render it into family sized portions. I have done that myself, it is just the way the world works. Religion notwithstanding, the generally accepted Bible allocates the beasts of the ground and the birds of the air as food.

    Vegetables are great and I eat a lot of them. I even have a good portion of my backyard dedicated to growing them. But if a cow, chicken, rabbit, deer or anything else that looks good wanders in….I can’t guarantee their safety.

  2. You need to stop by my garden. I have these voles that love to eat my bean sprouts. Bite sized morsels just right for TV snacks.

  3. You’re delusional. Darwin’s theory of evolution would, in fact, favour the vegetarian side. People are able to adapt to changing dietary conditions, whereas the heart disease and possible E. coli ridden food that you’re ingesting is being only supported by medicines and other artificial alternatives to keep you alive.
    With 100% certainty I can say that meat eating will be a way of the past (that is if the human race doesn’t die off first) simply because of the fact that it is no longer economical. The production and maintainance of meat farms creates more pollution than all burning fossil fuels on the planet combined; the deforestation that creates these farms is draining minerals from the soil into our water-table.
    Anyways, continue with your ignorance.

    A well educated environmental scientist and geographer

  4. Katie,
    I may very well be delusional. All I know is that man has done very well eating meat for a long time and messing with mother nature has never worked very well. Proper human nutrition is difficult without meat and as I am finding in Argentina, meat is darn tasty- even cooked by Argentinans. Even though Cantankerous Old Coots pride themselves on holding strong positions assertively, we don’t go in too much for my way or the highway. Eat your vegetables and rant about pollution. We love it. Thanks for stopping by. There is nothing better than raising some ruckus.

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