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What we saw in October 2008

Taken by Rosalie Carlson

 We Survived! 

Much as I would like to ignore it, today is the ten year anniversary of the attack on America which destroyed the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center and killed thousands of innocent people. Remembering that day and the impact of that event on the way we live is painful. It isn’t something that we remember fondly. It’s something that we wall up in a seldom visited corner of our brains. Today, however, it is time to take it out and remember;celebrate the heroes; congratulate the survivors and move on. After much controversy (much too much from my perspective) plans were finalized for rebuilding and memorializing. It is a shame to take so long but finally the site is on the way to healing the scars from that day. It is bittersweet to see this progress but important and good news that we are moving on.

The World Trade Center Is Now Totally Above Ground

Since we are talking about moving on, there is more good news. You probably get sick of all the people telling you that meat is bad for you and for the environment as well. It’s almost like they were all reading from the same script. Meat kills you. Cows cause air pollution. They are wrong!  Well not only is meat good for you because it contains necessary nutrients that you can’t get from  plants, cattle are good for the environment. (What a setup for next week when we are celebrating Cheeseburger Day).

Beef we can believe in

Since the President was very insistent this week that this year he is finally getting serious about creating jobs, we can all be confident that the economy will soon be roaring to life once more. But just in case, this plan takes longer than he hopes, there is a new experiment in living out in Berkeley that just might help us deal with a more limited future.


Oh and one more bit of good news.

NASA: Unlikely falling satellite will hit you

So that’s the good news this week. With all the 911 buzz, it’s hard to find good news stories but now that we know how good beef is, I can’t wait for National Cheeseburger Day next week. If anybody has good Cheeseburger stories, please pass them along. We’ll even give you a byline.

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  1. I am looking beyond 9-11 also, and focusing on National Cheeseburger Day. Hmmm…burgers 🙂

  2. So Hansi, what is your favorite cheeseburger?

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