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Summer is over!

Labor Day Weekend is a time when good news is critical. Back to school! Back to work. There is a lot of pressure to shape up, get serious and deliver.  It’s the last three day weekend until February and everybody needs a little help keeping positive over the next six months. But never fear, the Coots News Service has you covered this week. Not that it was easy, mind you, but that’s our job and we take it very seriously.

Speaking of school!

I know that education is very controversial these days. Some people think that we don’t spend enough money and that’s why Johnny can’t read and others think that the schools spend too much time and money teaching things that kids ought to learn at home (if they need to learn it at all). Those discussions can get quite active and unfriendly at times but maybe there is a way to make everybody happy. Recent research says that teaching love in schools can be very beneficial (and they don’t mean learning how to put a condom on a banana).

The benefits of adding love to your school’s curriculum

While you are at it, do something for yourself as well. None of us is getting any younger and if you are like me, each year makes it just a bit harder to pretend that you are still a 25 year old stud. Well it seems that there is something you can do to feel younger. You can be positive and expect the best.

Look on the bright side of life if you want to feel young, say researchers

And if you a re beyond even the hope of feeling young, you can at least decide that when it is time to move on you do it in the greenest way possible. I think there was a movie about this back in the 60’s. They even called it green even before the wackos thought the term up.  Makes you wonder.


And now for something special to do this weekend. Not just the old same old same old stuff that everybody does but something really cool. Like watching a supernova.


Now to close down this weeks CNS report, the best news of all. There are many reasons to love Southwest Airlines- great schedules, cheap fares, no hubs, stand-up comics flying the planes. What more could you ask?  Well, there is more!  Now they have topped all those feats and made flying a bit more civilized. I may never fly with another airlines.

Saggy Pants Cost Green Day Singer His Airline Seat

So this wraps up our news for Labor Day. Make the most of it and stay positive. Whatever happens when life goes back to normal after the weekend, the Coots News Service will have more good news for you next week.


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  1. I majored in Love in college; minored in Peace and grooviness.

  2. Hansi,
    And that, as they say, explains everything….except how you ended up in law enforcement.

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