Feb 232015
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Well…last week the show DIDN’T go on. Someone hit a tree down the road an hour before showtime, and my internet went down with the tree…so this is two weeks at once.

Enjoy…and when you travel…leave your Les Paul and antique Steinway at home.


Bob@HayleStorm Interactive

Bob comes to us with a skeptical attitude and a full cup of Cantankerousness. He also writes about homesteading and yurts over at JuicyMaters.com and rants about politics at Common-Sense-Conversation.com Most of the time, though, you'll find him at HayleStorm.net, cranking out great websites for clients OR writing tutorials teaching them to build their own sites.

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  3 Responses to “Leave your guitar at home. 8.26 The political Coot”

  1. Hey…that was cool. Do you have your broadcast studio in your yurt?

  2. Hiya ansi…glad you liked the video. You do know that you can see The Political Coot live every week…right? 10am eastern time every Tuesday, just click on that “Political Coot live” link up there in the menu. Of course, if you miss the live show you can see the recorded version (like this one) as a post by noon the next day…but then you can’t interact using the live chat…LOL.

    Yep…the “broadcast studio” is in the yurt…it’s a 6×8 foot section of my living room. All that fancy equipment is actually a picture displayed as a background…I use ChromaKey, AKA greenscreen, just like your weatherman in front of his weather map.

    Again…glad you enjoyed it. Other broadcasts, live AND rebroadcast as posts, are The Coffee Club on Tuesdays at 9am eastern over at CommonSenseConversation.com, a 100% political blog, JuicyMaters Living at 7pm Thursdays (eastern time) at JuicyMaters.com, a show on yurts, homesteading, and coking…and one more show to be unveiled within the next week.

    See ya!

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