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Take a hike! 

Finding good news this week is like taking a hike in Afghanistan. You have to look very carefully where you step. Still you don’t get to be a Cantankerous Old Coots without learning a few things. The first one is how to plug up your ears and scream when the news shows come on. The second is to stop watching Fox and MSNBC and tune to HLN. Nancy Grace never fails to cheer me up about the human condition and Dr. Drew makes me feel like a caring, compassionate human while I enjoy watching trailer park trash ruin their lives. At worst you listen to a few lawyers but you will never find a politician. Blessed relief from daily life.

But enough about me.

You want the good news this week and the Coots News Service is here to scratch that itch. Let’s start with the very best news. Politicians are fleeing the capital like rats from a sinking ship. I know I’d rather see them all drown but at least the damage they can inflict on you and me is minimized when they are out of that hell hole.

Obama Isn’t the Only One to Take a Break

I don’t know if this is related but oil prices are down and some experts think they will stay down for a while.

Oil-le-lujah! Gas Prices Will Continue Falling in US

Looking outside the country there is good news from Japan. You may know that recently there just hasn’t been much good to say about Japan but today CNS is happy to report that, at long last, there is something good happening there. It seems that the Japanese people are incurably honest. Despite the great losses and property damage recently, people in Japan have been working overtime to make sure that money found in the rubble is restored to its rightful owners.  Heartwarming, isn’t it?

Honest Japanese Return Total of $78 Million in Cash Found in Quake Rubble

It’s always heartwarming when someone saves a doomed animal.  In the UK, there is good news for a puppy in an animal shelter who won the heart of Camilla and now can anticipate a life of royal luxury.

Balmoral bound, the unloved rescue centre pup that won Camilla’s heart

From Russia, some more good news for animal lovers. There has been a second baby mammoth discovered frozen in time. With two of these treasures, perhaps the Russians can thaw them out and start a family.


We are almost done for this week. I saved the best story for last. For years the Coots have watched the progressive decay of the family. More and more, couples give up on marriage and raise their children in chaotic dysfunctional custody arrangements. Nobody seems willing to live up to the marriage vows about better and worse, richer and poorer. These days if there is a problem, just call it all off. Experts have long studied this problem and complained about how the family is dead. Well there is good news about the family and it all comes from spending less money on government instead of more. It seems that the California budget cuts are going to help us lower the high rate of divorce.

San Francisco court budget cuts will delay divorces

Hang tough. There is always good news, even these days and if anybody tries  to tell you different, just plug your ears and scream bloody murder. Trust me, hey will leave you alone.


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  1. Ah yes. Finally some good news. Oil prices are probably going down because of all those Japanese who turned in that found money. They don’t have any cash not roads to drive on. Aren’t we lucky 🙂

  2. Hansi,
    I think you’ve got something there. Maybe we need a Tsunami over here to shake out some loose money.

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