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Schedules suck lets face it.  I lump deadlines in with schedules as well here.  They all suck.  Over the last few days my wife and I have been trying to come up with a schedule for the family to get back on in preparation for school starting in less than one month.  Whatever happened to the Lazziez-Faire school of summer?

Over the past few weeks all sense of timing and schedule have gone out of our kids.  They end up in bed at midnight, wake up near noon, eat whenever and don’t get all of their chores done.  Well now we have decided that this just won’t do any more so a schedule we have devised.  It is simple, spells out time for everything and it sucks.  I don’t want to be on a schedule but there it is, I have to, they have to.
And if a daily schedule is not bad enough, trying to figure out when to go on vacations amid all of the things that the kids get into and before school starts sucks just as bad.  At least we only have a few free days to go fishing, we can’t afford anything else.  At least the kids like camping.  And the only schedule I have to keep in the mountains has to do with the sun rising and setting and how much gas I have in my boat.

Schedules suck.  How do you feel about them?  Oh that’s right no one really reads this blog, or if they do, they don’t bother to interact so whatever.

Have a great weekend anyway.


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  8 Responses to “Down with Schedules!”

  1. I keep a very consistent schedule. It is called the “I di it when I feel like it” schedule. Works for me.

    As for the lack of readers right now…that’s a function of summer as well…people are out fishing and camping, just like you…or spending a lot of time in the garden or at the pool. Folks will be back..just about the time your kids are back in school.

  2. We are all very familiar with Bob’s schedule and have no doubt that it does indeed work for him. Most of the rest of us have to intersect with the world now and then and for that reason alone need schedules. There are schools for the kids (unless you home school) and we all have bills that we need to pay on time. Frankly. I need some structure. I’d go crazy sleeping, eating and working randomly. I doublt if I could focus and I know I’d get very confused. Come to think about it, now I begin to understand Bob better.

  3. Hey…I “interact with the world now and then”…reference my videos and other posts…just on my freeform timeline.

    I have bills to pay too. That is what auto-pay on my account is for..

  4. I can definitely relate. I don’t understand why everything has to stick to a schedule. If you just told people that they had to do something by a certain deadline, it gets done. We don’t need a 9-5 wheel to work.

  5. Hey Dan! you win the prize! you are the first new commenter we have had in a while, thanks for your input!

  6. Schedules Schmedules….I can live without them. In fact very well thank you.

  7. Breaking down all your schedules is very much important because there are things that you have to prioritize at work, at friends and of course at home with the family. I always considering my time schedule so that everything is according to my plan.

  8. I hate schedules. Honestly, I am always in trouble when I have to manage my time…

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