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Bob’s a Bad Influence 

OK, if Bob’s going to slack off and then 24 hours late whine about how Yankees are destroying the South, there is no reason why I can’t do a little whining as well- even if it is out of character for me. I already gave a shout out because, at long last, we are experiencing the last of the silly Harry Potter movies. I suppose it is a relief to see anything positive about the UK these days so maybe I shouldn’t be so negative but I can only take so much. We are long past Britain as the ruler of the waves and the sun never setting on the Empire. They have come down quite a bit in the respect area over the past century. The best they can do these days is sending the Royals in funny hats out to titillate the peasants in Los Angeles or Ottawa or push Amy Winehouse on us. Pretty pathetic, if you ask me.  Harry Potter was a vehicle to present a positive image for Britain with attractive, un-pierced, un-tattooed and un-sexed young people who speak intelligible -if pommy- English.

I’m not planning to see this last gasp of British civilization but I still like to know enough about the dumb movie to have a few good comebacks when the topic comes up, I found this Cliff Notes version of the plot. It works for me and you might enjoy it as well.

Harry Potter- the laugh riot

Funny as the Harry Potter movies might be, I doubt if the Brits can even guess the depths of potential humor. I can’t wait until Mystery Science Theater 3000 gets hold of the series. It will be a hoot. Meanwhile, not only to we have to put up with the Royals and their damned hats, we get silly British college twits who think that life in America is funny. I’m going on the record here to say that I shop at Walmart and there is nothing funny about it.

Walmart, the movie

It’s bad enough that America has to police the world and defend countries that don’t have enough pride to defend themselves but when they put out movies touting their cultural superiority and then make fun of Walmart, it’s too much for me.


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  3 Responses to “Down with Supercilious Brits”

  1. Brilliant idea: harry potter seen through the Mystery Science Theater 3000 lens.

  2. Hansi,
    Glad you like the idea. I wonder how we can hurry it along.

  3. Remind me to tell you about the Brit twit having lunch at a table next to us on our last day in Venice. He was very solemnly explaining to his American companion about the finer points of Italian syntax. She was hot and deserved better.

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