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showgirls in the Tropicana

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It is what it is!

Last week it seemed that we had turned the corner on bad news. This week it’s a struggle. What we have this week is news that is good only with a contrived explanation. We still have a lousy economy and a government that refuses to act on our behalf instead of its own. Finding any stories that have even a slight bit of good about them this week is a real stretch. Still, I feel that I owe our readers to give it the old college try.

So lets start our with the best shot. We’ve got a three-legged turtle that’s been given a new start in life. No more dragging that heavy shell around. He’s got wheels!


We have to go overseas for the next story. It may not be good news either but at least it makes me chuckle. I’m sick of hearing all the time about how good the old British Parliament runs with all its old traditions and all. So I was pleased to learn that the stodgy old institution can get a bit rowdy at times, even clownish. Why can’t our government make things more fun like the Brits?

Rupert Murdoch Attacked With Cream Pie At Parliament Hearing

Social media is all the rage these days. People are Tweeting and Facebooking every trivial event in their lives. It’s not been all that good for politicians as former Congressman Weiner discovered. There may still be hope that Social Media can find it’s place in government with Hugo Chavez leading the way.

From Cuba, Venezuela’s Chavez governs via Twitter 

On the economic front this week, the best we can do it report that our President having established his legacy by changing our country is thinking about where to put his Library so we all can relive his triumph. One lucky city will get the honor (and economic boost) from his decision. It seems the President is torn between his childhood home town of Honolulu and Chicago where he learned his politics. At least we will be getting him out of DC.

Obama Presidential Library Narrowed to Chicago, Honolulu

It’s hard to look at this next story. The Los Angeles Dodgers are a baseball tradition. Back when I was in high school they were the Brooklyn Dodgers. I still remember rooting for them against the hated Yankees. Then for all my years in Los Angeles, they were the local team with their share of victories until their recent ownership troubles. It’s hard to watch a baseball tradition brought down by an ugly divorce but even harder to accept that the team has to declare bankruptcy. Well a court has decided to reject their proposal. At least for now the Dodgers can hold their heads up. Too bad they can’t do any thing about the owners.

Dodgers Judge Rejects Bankruptcy Loan

Finally, maybe the best labor news yet. We haven’t seen much in the way of strikes and labor protests with the terrible economy (even the union goons are too smart for that) but now there is a twist for Las Vegas that make unions look good again. Finally we have a labor protest we can support. The Las Vegas showgirls have got my attention.


So that’s what we have for this week here at the Coots News Service. It may be a poor showing but it’s the best we could find. If you think you can do better, then just chime in with your bulletin below.

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  1. The tortoise story was encouraging, followed only by the Vegas showgirls. Wished they’d showed a little more.

  2. This is a tough job. Glad that I could find two stories to brighten your day.

  3. Strange, turtles and showgirls more interesting than Obama. Must ponder.

  4. Dave,
    Almost anything is more interesting than narcisistic posers- and I don’t mean Vegas showgirls.

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