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It’s unconscionable!

I just heard the clerk for the Casey Anthony trial read the verdict. It’s an outrage. I’m livid. It’s hard to get control of my emotions. It’s a travesty- willful and shameless sabotage of something vital and important to American life. It sticks in my craw and gives me pains in my gut. I just plain can’t get over it.

It’s not what you think. I have an opinion about Casey- who doesn’t after all these years of emotional and highly biased coverage. I have to confess that I was surprised at the verdict because Nancy Grace and the legal pundits had tried and convicted Casey many times over the last few years. That’s the American courts system for you.  Experts don’t count!  The people have the last word.  Experts don’t determine the verdicts. It’s real people. No other aspect of American governance is so down to earth.

We don’t even get real people to represent us in government these days. Everybody has to be a professional to even make the ballot and that means that representing real people is their number two or maybe three priority. But I digress. I was surprised at the verdict but that wasn’t what made me outraged. Casey in jail or Casey writing a book about her travails, life will go on. I don’t think she will be making a career of getting pregnant and killing the resulting children. My outrage is from something else entirely. What’s got me outraged today is the willful destruction of the English language by political correctness. If I hear the word foreperson one more time, I may go postal.

Who’s protecting our language?

Foreman is a time honored word in the English language. It means, very simply, the person in charge. Yes, it’s true that in the past, most of the time the people in charge were men. Then came the feminist revolution and white became black and night became day. I don’t want to give those looney women a bit of credit for changing the world for the better. Long before I ever heard of Germain Greer or any of those other bad tempered, ugly and talentless women, real women of talent were changing American life by using their talents and abilities to occupy positions of power and influence. Those ugly, unloved and talentless feminists merely followed their ascent and claimed credit creating a lot of collateral damage along the way.  And men were too embarrassed for them (and a bit cowed at their crude, shrill attacks) to point it out. Sometimes, chivalry may be misplaced.

Real women of talent didn’t need artifice and manipulation to make their way. They could cope with generic pronouns which as I have discussed elsewhere hurt men far more than they hurt women. They understand that a foreman can be of either sex, just like a congressman, assemblyman or councilman. But ugly, talentless and unloved woman have campaigned tirelessly for the ridiculous depersonification of pronouns that made me so outraged today. I can’t count the number of times today my ears were stabbed with that terrible made-up word, foreperson. I need my ears washed out to remove the irritation.

Protect the endangered pronouns!

How anybody can believe that the destruction of the English language is in anyway justified is beyond my understanding. It is meaningless manipulation, touchy feely  rather than substantial. And it is all because ugly, talentless and unlovable women with nothing else to justify their existence invented feminism and wrecked this societal damage on modern life.

There isn’t much I can do to repair this damage which has driven the sexes apart and destroyed the harmony of family life but there is one small thing I can do. I will never let the word foreperson escape my mouth. Feminists have done great damage to society. They have been given credit for doing good which I believe is competely unjustified. Time will probably correct their ego inflicted stupidity as people return to what works instead of what they would like to think works. Language, however,  doesn’t recover so easily from disaster. The damage to our pronouns may not so easily be corrected . Please join me.  Take up my cause and vow that you will never use politically correct pronouns. Make foreperson a four letter work in your household.


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  6 Responses to “The Jury is back and I’m Outraged!”

  1. What’s the big deal Ralph? A Foreperson is just a Foreman, without a foreskin.

  2. You certainly are upholding the image of C.O.C.’s! Hopefully you haven’t

    been mortally winged by the distaff? Disturbing, however, is the casual

    way you seem to dismiss the most glaring parts of the Casey Anthony

    saga. This [meeeeeee] C.O.C. insists on removing the “white coat

    badge of unquestioned authority” to which these [and most] prosecutors

    tenaciously cling! This Cantankerous Old Coot, now in my 8th decade,

    visualizes the “whole cloth” from which this proscecution’s case is cut!

    Not one whit of direct evidence is proffered to implicate Miss Anthony

    in the charges she murdered her child….not even close!! The telling

    statement in the whole situation is the fact her child is deceased……

    answer no questions of HOW, WHEN, WHERE, WHO, WHY AND WHAT!

    Thankfully, C.O.C.’s were mostly absent from the malice mobs seeking blood,

    including, the hosts of rabid TV pundits! There is more, much more, to

    be learned by Cantankerous Old Coots who are willing to take off the

    blinders traditionally imposed by society’s “rush to judgement!”

  3. Curtis,
    You catch this Coot rather flat footed here I was using the Casey Anthony Trial as a pivot point because of all the emotion and hysteria while attempting to make no judgement because the case baffles me -or at least the Anthony family baffles me. As you suggest, we don’t intend to get too serious here but circumstantial evidence cases make me very uncomfortable. I think everyone is outraged that an innocent two year old is inexplicably dead and frustrated that we have to guess why and how. That’s as serious as you are going to get from me but thanks for your comment.

  4. I hadn’t heard of this Casey person before, but it sounds like she’s not very nice. Strangely, I’m encouraged by the jury: no evidence, no conviction. I suspect, however, she will end up getting herself into a bad bind, sooner than later. Something the parents can’t bail her out of.

  5. Dave,
    Your comment reveals two important facts. 1. You live in a cave and 2. There isn’t woman in your life, Obviously there is good and bad with both. Be careful sharing your observation in public because there is a nationwide lynch mob out to get Casey. I’d agree with you but my wife might read this comment.

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