Wolves vs. The Sheep

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Dec 052011
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Man there has been a lot of talk about sheep on here lately.  Maybe I should talk about the wolves.  Maybe I should wax poetic about how we should all work on becoming wolves, kings of industry and the fittest survivors.

Then I would call BS.  Cantankerousness does not lend itself to pushing one way or the other.  We lean towards giving you the facts and letting you decide how to proceed.  We have nearly given up and let the sheep run wild.

We have given much information on being your own person and taking control much like a wolf would.  But the truth is, you have to decide for yourself.  I for one am going to stay somewhere in between.  I am going to stay cantankerous.  I am not going to follow like a sheep and I will only lead as long as it suits me.

What do you think?  does being a sheep suit you?  Or are you a wolf that is going to tear everything apart?  Or are you just here to learn Cantankerousness so that you can be your own person, er old Coot.

Tell us below, or we will just keep arguing in the comments.

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Justin is the young Coot with a Cantankerous Soul who continues to be educated by older, more cootish Ralph and Bob. His Cantankerosity is his own.

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  14 Responses to “Wolves vs. The Sheep”

  1. I think it’s best to be the Shepard; definitely not one of the sheep! A wolf….maybe some of the time.

  2. Justin,
    God must love sheep. He made so many of them. But then maybe it’s just to provide food for the wolves.

  3. So many questions, all of the time! What happened to the coots telling us what they wanted in an unapologetic manner that clearly showed their station?

    Just a thought.

  4. Heather,
    Are you calling us sheep?

  5. Not you Ralph, your inherant cootishness is shining through.

    But yes, yes I am!

  6. Heather, I think there has to be some sort of discussion starting and that means questions. You responded didn’t you? therefore it must work. Maybe we are just waiting for a comment that we can make fun of and inject the cantankerosity into. Maybe we are just losing it. Something need to liven up this blog and Ralph can only do so much!

  7. Begs the question, what is this blog actually for?

    That’s not something your readers (or lack thereof) can dictate – all blogs take a long time to build fully as far as traffic goes, you’re better gathering as a team and discussing what you want from this. Not really our call you see.

  8. I am not asking what direction the blog should go, I am hoping to get some of the lurkers to come out and comment and get into the discussion. You, hansi and Dave are the only ones who seem to comment regularly, I was hoping for some others to get involved.

    As for the blog, cantankerous is the theme and it will be addressed in several ways, through commentary or lessons. The sheep arc was interesting though, just another thought in a long running dialog

  9. How important are comments really?

  10. dunno for sure, but the big blogs all like comments. trying to gauge popularity? stroke the ego? Some people put a lot of importance, some don’t. I am not sure how google looks at them, but I would think there is some ranking for popularity based on comments

  11. I meant for COC lol. Comes back to the purpose of the site really, if you want lots and lots of people then possibly this isn’t the best format as is, however if you want to do your thing and create a following it might be a case of continuing and being patient.

    Who knows, just think its something worth exploring.

  12. Heather,
    If we were patient, we wouldn’t be Coots.

  13. If you were coots (aka, your audience) would you want to be chased?

    Keep experimenting then? I dunno.

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