Down With banks!

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Feb 232015
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I have had some issues with my bank lately.  I don’t really want to hash out details but Holy Crap can they be problems to work with.  I know everyone has a story where the bank made them bend over right there in the lobby to receive their *(insert your own term here, this is a PG (mostly) rated blog so…)*.

I was thinking today about the past, back when computers didn’t rule the world and people had to carry their little bank books with them to prove how much money they had.  Back when a handshake was good enough to secure a loan and people tried to do the right thing by each other.

I suppose that is an idealistic “It’s a Wonderful Life” scenario that can never again be realized.  Computers and micro details about your life and money history are very important today.  My wife and I recently bought a car and of course our credit is not very good with a kidney transplant’s medical bills.  We knew that however, so it wasn’t a surprise.

The dealership sends the credit application to several lenders and then we get rejection letters for two weeks.  My favorite rejection letter said they could not give us the loan because of “insufficient debt experience”.  I’ll tell you, that was actually a very proud moment for me because it says that we have been living without credit cards and financing for long enough that it is adversely affecting our credit.

Credit is so important now that employers are checking it to give people jobs.  I think it is a bunch of crap that how you pay your bills is involved in so many decisions about you.  If it wasn’t for direct deposit I would probably have a shoebox under my bed with all of my savings in it.

I am tired of banks and creditors, unfortunately, there is no way to get rid of them until the world really goes to hell and then people are screwed who don’t have some cash in a shoebox.  FDIC can’t guarantee anything if there is no government left.  I say let chaos ensue and go back to the barter system.

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  5 Responses to “Down With banks!”

  1. Justin,
    In our household, banks (or in my case, Credit Unions) provide the very essential function of distributing my money. I never go in to the branch and I very seldom go the actual bank where my money officially resides. I am totally bewildered why anyone would want to be recognized and greeted by name or what kind of seasonal services a bank might provide. Still, there is that occasion when a household needs to borrow money- and then they have you.

  2. My son-in-law is a branch manager for a major bank headquartered her in California. For him it’s all about sales and hoping people screw-up with over drafts and huge credit card balances. His branch is called a “store” in the business. Banks, a necessary evil; let the buyer beware.

  3. Hansi,
    I didn’t know we had any major banks headquartered in California. I thought they all got bought out by the east coast banks years ago. They are just raping and pilaging.

  4. Wells Fargo….they bought east coast based Wachovia when it was going down, after Wachovia bought World savings at the height of the real estate boom in 2007. World smart; Wachovia not so; Wells we’ll see.

  5. That’s kind of creepy, “store.”

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