Apr 202013
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For those of you familiar with the TV show, Cash Cab this is a shout out question. Here’s some background if you haven’t seen the show. Unsuspecting passengers get into a cab only to find they are on a quiz show and if they don’t answer the questions, they get dumped on the street. Passengers/contestants can ask for help if they don’t know the answer to a question. They can ask friends or even people on the street to help them get the right answer. It is nice to get help when you feel clueless and that’s exactly how I feel today. I have a serious question and I’ve got a hunch that guessing wrong could be a big problem so let me know what you think. Here’s the situation.

Was it innocent TV watching?  0r. . . .

Yesterday I was working hard on a new post for Coot’s while my wife was busy elsewhere. Finally I got the post all finished and decided to take a break so I looked for my wife. In the TV room I found her deeply engrossed in a TV show. Normally I wouldn’t pay attention to my wife’s afternoon viewing but as I moved past, I heard a voice say ‘evil women’. I turned to see a woman injecting arsenic into her husband’s arm. Riveted I stayed to learn that this woman had told her husband that the Doctor had advised this treatment and, trusting soul that he was, he believed her, It seems that this was husband number three and the widow would quickly find a replacement. This evil woman was only one of many in a marathon lasting all day and even into the night.

At first I was amused, but then…

You don’t see many shows focusing on killer women. I watched for a time too As I continue to think about this program and my wife’s interest, I am getting a bit concerned. Was this show just a diversion for my wife or was she doing research? I thought that we were getting along fine lately making up for some conflicts earlier in our marriage. Now I’m wondering if I am deluding myself. Maybe everything isn’t so rosy as I thought. Should I be worried that my wife is researching ways to put me out of the picture? I was extra nice to her last night just to be safe but in the meantime I’m being very cautious.


So here is where I need some help Am I being paranoid and delusional or merely cautious and concerned? How can I be sure that my wife doesn’t plan to do me in? And what should I do in the meantime to show her that I’m worth more alive than dead, There is a lot at stake here. I don’t want to get this wrong..

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  16 Responses to “Wednesday Coot Shout out- I need help.”

  1. Probably just idle amusement Ralph, though being nice can’t hurt matters. You haven’t pissed her off lately have you?

  2. First of all, do you have a big life insurance policy with her as sole beneficiary? Secondly, would she be better off financially, with pensions and Social Security, with you out of the picture? Have ya done anything to piss her off lately??
    If you answer yes to any of the above, I’d watch what ya eat and drink, and never be in the same room alone with her.

  3. It’ll be ok so long as you make sure she’s eating whatever you’re eating. 😉

    Joking aside, you’ve been married for years, I sincerely doubt she’ll go crazy-murderess on you now.

  4. Heather,
    So you are telling me that she’s given up hope?

  5. Well… yes! You learn early on that partner isn’t going to change for you, then you have the disillusionment stage, then presumably you get over it. No hot-blooded revenge left!

    Although… if you were truly horrible we can’t rule out the cold stuff.

  6. Heather,
    You still aren’t making me feel very comfortable.

  7. Mostly teasing. =)

    Course, you could always ask her. That would go down really well.

  8. I’m with Heather…make sure she gets your food from the same pan she get’s hers from, and make sure she takes the first bite of everything.

    Of course, that won’t elp if she has an antidote for whatever poison she gives you, ready to take it herself after you’ve eaten, but you can’t cover EVERY base…and there is still the matter of “accidental” suffocation while you sleep…

  9. Heather,
    Of course I asked her. She told me not to worry and laughed. Should that make me feel secure?

  10. Depends on if it was a friendly, normal, or evil laugh. You’re fine except for that last one =)

  11. Heather, She is really hard to read. She was raised by German immigrants and seems to lack understanding of human emotions. How did we hook up? Don’t ask.

  12. Ralph, all women are hard to read. It comes with the territory 😉 You’ll be fine I’m sure.

  13. Heather, If I read you right you are telling me that if I had something to worry about, I would already be dead.

  14. More or less 🙂

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