May 292011
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Reefer Madness

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Well, it’s the big Memorial Day Weekend, and I know that everybody will be busy visiting the cemeteries and honoring the heroes that kept our nation free and safe.  Still the idea of a three day weekend just gets everybody thinking about vacations.   With the economy tanking and gas prices soaring, I don’t know how to find the money for a vacation, even a staycation.  Still  the tourism boom seems to be continuing, meaning that somebody has money. Maybe my turn is coming!   Last weeks good news noted that tourism was way up in Miami. This week we find more good news from Mexico. In spite, or maybe because of those big drug wars, tourists are flocking to Mexico as never before.

Mexico tourism booms despite drug violence

Tourism is driving the Netherlands to make some changes as well. The government has decided that it’s fine for natives to get high but they want their tourists clear headed. The future of tourism is riding on the outcome. Which country is going to be the tourist destination for the future- drug dominated Mexico or clear headed Holland? Will those tulip fields look the same without reefer madness?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Dutch government to ban tourists from cannabis shops

Closer to home, North Carolina hope to benefit from the hype from the new Pirates movie.

Blackbeard’s anchor recovered off NC coast

Gas prices seem to be down a bit over the past week but the long run prognosis seems bad what with the shut down of drilling in the Gulf and the myriad strange creatures that are doomed by any attempt to find energy in the US. Still those energy companies won’t give up. They keep on looking and darn, if they just don’t keep finding more oil. The economy will boom if only from the increased research to find some ugly critter that will die if we drill. It’s a win-win.

Shale Boom in Texas Could Increase U.S. Oil Output

Most of us have given up on getting any efficiency out the the government. It just seems like a loosing cause no matter what we do. Give it up for the President this week for making a new breakthrough. You know those wasteful bill signing ceremonies and all the time when the President could be playing golf or doing something else? Well they are a thing of the past. We don’t need the President any more.

If a machine can sign for the President, could Sasha, too?

This final story is bittersweet. It’s good news for these young stars but bad news for their heartsick fans. Justin Beiber is in love.

Selena says Justin is her ‘thunder’ as the pair frolic on the beach

Let the miracle of young love keep you going through this next week. It’s the future of the world as we know it.


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  4 Responses to “Coot’s News Service- Memorial Day Edition of Headline News”

  1. Why the hell go to Amsterdam if they’re going to close the cannabis shops to tourists. Not only is something rotten in Denmark; something is rotten in Holland too. But everything is just fine in California.

  2. Hansi,
    California is busted but we feel good anyway. Just head down to Venice and see the Docs.

  3. Oil Shale. The perennial Texas boondoggle. They have been talking about this for decades. Nothing like digging up several hundred square miles to get the economy roaring again.

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