Apr 252014
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The poem is just a fantasy

April showers are supposed to bring May flowers according to the poem. It’s usually a bit different in California but his year it’s all messed up. The May flowers are here but those April showers keep on coming and you can’t get outside to enjoy the flowers.Caught in between rain showers

So what’s up with the seasons this year.? In the California foothills, Winter is relatively cold and rainy when compared to Southern California where I lived for so long. I’ve only been here for ten years so I hardly qualify as an expert but usually if there is a pleasant month around here, May would get the most votes. Most years it stops raining by May and it’s just too early for heat. Not this year.

We’ve had heavy rainfall which translates to heavy snowfall up the mountains and instead of stopping, the precipitation has continued way into Spring. The Spring flowers are trying to work their magic but when it’s cold and the rain keeps turning into hail, it’s hard to appreciate them. Last week there was a day or two of warm weather where sitting outside was pleasant until another string of storms swept past.

Just like California is a fantasy

The roses are starting to bloom just as the iris are finishing. Meanwhile the storms just keep on rolling through. It’s hard to complain about rain after a bunch of dry years and political correctness that pours stored water into the bay to save fish while cutting off water to farmers. Maybe it’s worthwhile to give up Spring if it means that farmers can make money for a change. Still, it would be nice to enjoy the outdoors and the fabled May flowers if only for a few days

More Spring Iris

Avoiding the hail


Still, maybe I expect too much. These days the dream of California is being replaced by the reality. The perfect weather image of California is a myth no more real than the idea that the economy would continue to boom even as the entitlement mentality sucks it dry. The natural state for weather in non-coastal California is extreme. It’s either cold and wet or hot and dry. If we are lucky there might be a few days of something moderate and pleasant during the transition. It usually happens in May. Not this year. Maybe it’s time to return to the real world where seasons really matter and people expect to work for their rewards.


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  7 Responses to “So what about those May flowers?”

  1. “California dreamin’ on such a winter day” sang the Mamas & Papas. Are those photos from your garden? If so, nice. At least the drought is over.

  2. Hansi,
    It was listening to the Mama and the Popas on a cold Connecticut day that brought me to California back when California truly was the Golden State. Those flowers are from my garden. The hail yesterday missed them.

  3. (From home):

    Nice flowers…and great post. Keep it up and COC will have two folks railing about politics.

  4. Bob, Do I need blocked artery to to go off?

  5. Hell no…that’s actually mellowed me…a little.

  6. We seem to be having a little less fog than usual down here on the bay, but it’s definitely cold and windy.

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