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Hello again folks.  I was thinking for today about how this blog gets traffic.  I see the stats in 3 different stat counters every day and they are all different.  Different, but similar enough in trends to be useful.

Now you may have clicked into this post just to see what sage wisdom I have to offer when it comes to getting traffic to your blog.  I have a short answer: Beats me.  Now before you click off (literally, if you don’t like something on this blog just CLICK OFF!)  at least read the rest of what I have to say.

Some people look into a business degree online when
they want to learn more about marketing to get the desired effects of blog traffic.

The trafffic here on the Coots is fairly constant.  We get between 80 and 100 or so visitors per day.  Sometimes there are more.  Like Yesterday, with Ralphs post.  There were 131 visitors at 1140 mountain time when I checked.  Why so popular?  I dunno, I can only hope people are linking to older posts, as I can see Ralph’s Current post has only garnered 10 visitors.  Of course that was last week.  This week has been no different though.

It doesn’t seem to matter too much how we promote each post.  Twitter, linked In, Facebook, Digg, we advertise on each of these plus stumble upon and traffic is the same.  People come to read about Cantankerousness and to have a good time.  I would like to see more.  So what do we do?  I could ask each person who reads this post to tweet it to 10 others and ask them to do the same, but I am almost positive that somewhere that is illegal.

If not illegal then too much like a pyramid scheme.  So don’t do that.  If you have any ideas, please let me know!  I would like to hear how you each get traffic, besides the “go out and comment” answer.  This post will be linked on Twitter and all of the other sites, so we have that.  Just, how do you each get traffic?  And, do you have any blockbuster ideas for a cantankerous post that will go viral and make us all famous?

I can’t wait to hear from you all!

PS. go back and check out Ralph’s post from Wednesday.  We would like to have some more answers to our poll!


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Justin is the young Coot with a Cantankerous Soul who continues to be educated by older, more cootish Ralph and Bob. His Cantankerosity is his own.

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  3 Responses to “Getting Traffic to your Blog.”

  1. I’d like to help you guys out with a bunch of Tweets, but I don’t even own a cell phone, and I’ve never tweeted before. But that ponzi scheme should work if the first tweeters get their tweets back with interest.
    I’ve gotten a lot of traffic doing satirical posts on such hot topics as The Genie Bra and Triphoria, the feminine personal vibrator. But you guys probably want more of a loyal follower readership, than a pissed-off, offended women follower who’ll never visit your disgusting web -site again, type of readership.
    BTW they both count a views on the old stats.

  2. All of you make the commenting circuit with blogs having Commentluv, and leave a lot of comments back to here.

  3. I use key words in the body of my blog. Basically I try to have my blog title, or at least part of it somewhere in the body of my blog. I advertise on Twitter and Facebook but don’t really get many hits from there. Neal Boortz has even re-tweeted me several times but even that didn’t have much impact. I’m getting a steady average of about 150-200 hits per day. Some weeks, depending on my topic I’ll hit between 500 – 1300 per day. I have yet to figure out why Mondays and Saturdays are always the biggest days. What I have noticed is that most of my visits come from Google, Bing and Yahoo when someone searches specific key words. I don’t get many comments or even likes for that matter. Someone told me it was because they either agree with my opinions or didn’t find my blog interesting enough to comment. I use WordPress which gives me a lot of detail about who and where the traffic comes from. It’s just a hobby and a way for me to vent. I’m just happy, and surprised that people actually subscribed to my blog in the first place.

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