Apr 242011
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It’s been a struggle to find any good news this week.  The weather has been dreary.  Earth Day was a big bust and gas prices keep going higher.  Most Americans are fed up with the bad economy and were hoping that Spring would mark some imprevements. Alas, it seems that despite the heroic efforts of our leaders in Washington, there just doesn’t seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Americans pessimistic about economy: poll says

Gas prices are up. Food prices are up. What are we expected to do when the only people getting raises are prison guards in California.  Is this what the President promised?

Jerry Brown defends prison guard contract

Some folks are saying that all this bad news could tip the economy.  I hope that’s good news.

Killer Combo of High Gas, Food Prices at Key Tipping Point

Boy, it’s enough to get you really depressed. Surely there is some good economic news? After a great deal of effort, I managed to find that there is one segment of the economy that thinks we are getting better. I’m not sure how good this is as an economic indicator but beggers can’t be choosers. Apparently if you want to get divorced bad enough, you will decide that the economy is improving. It’s working to make things better for lawyers.

Recovery prompts US divorce rebound

Around the world, people are dealing with the bad economy in other ways.  A man in China demonstrated remarkable resiliance with bad economic times and provides an example for Americans. Maybe we don’t need that four bedroom Cape Cod with a picket fence after all.

I live in a pipe

Boomers are used to driving the economy and breaking new ground. Now that they are beginning to retire we begin to see that they aren’t content with their father’s retirement. That’s not good enough.  Boomers do it different.  They retire to new jobs.

Many Baby Boomers retire to new job

And we close the news for this week with the antithesis of baby boomers- Justin Bieber- a trendmaker if I ever saw one. Don’t expect him to respond to your Twitter. You might as well expect to win the lottery.

Justin Bieber hits 9 million Twitter followers, keeps on rolling



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  5 Responses to “Coots News Service- April 24, 2011”

  1. My gawd That’s nothing but bad news, and pretty much covers enough sore-spots to make anyone paranoid. At least it’s good for one little kid; nine million followers? That’s 9,000,000 people who have no lives.

  2. Jep, Hansi,
    I had to dig into the hot cross buns to keep going as I waded through all that bad news. I guess that’s what the President means by hope and change. Any change looks good. At least there’s still work for probation officers.

  3. Inflation is inevitable, eventually, as the banksters desperately need it to repair their balance sheets. Woe to anyone with credit card interest tied to the prime.

    If they screw it up we’ll get hyperinflation.

  4. Dave,
    It’s not the banksters that worry me. It’s the fools that make the laws and bust the budgets. They are either blithering idiots or out to take us down. Banksters are merely their minyons.

  5. Ralph…all except one “bankster”, Ben Bernake and the Federal Reserve, the banker for all banks. When Ben talks, politicians listen, then jump to do as he tells them.

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