A Coots Retrospective

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Jan 202012
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This post today represents the 199th post on Cantankerous Old Coots.  I thought we could take a peek back at the year that was and explore a bit about this site, and the snarky comment that started it all.

It is only appropriate that Ralph will have the 200th post on the Coots.  Not only has he posted the most on this site, it was his comment over on my blog Catharsis of the Bogue that started all of this madness.  It was March 22nd of last year that I started this site.  On the 23rd I wrote the following post:

Well folks I did something very impulsive last night. I was sitting here trying to come up with some topic to write on. I am tired and only partially fueled by caffeine. My wife said I had that “look” and tonight’s post would be a doozy. She has seen the writing frenzy that exhaustion and caffeine has wrought.
The problem was this. Carlos sucked all of the ideas out of me during the PreWriting Challenge! Ok not really but it has been a day of writers block for post titles. I have a couple of story ideas though. I had a thought this morning after taking the kids to school that I hope I was not running dry of ideas. I am almost at my 3 month mark and ready to push past it.
I know there are more ideas, I just either need more sleep or more caffeine to make them flow. Or some good inspiration. I went and read some blogs, left some comments and tweeted a bit. After that I went back to look at my comments just hoping there was something there.
And there was! My internet buddy and purveyor of many life experiences Ralph(http://ralphcarlsonblog.com/) had left a comment. The discussion was about niches, and fitting in, when Ralph says,
“I am not sure that there is any market for cantankerous old coots but if there were, I’d claim it.”
I laughed and replied that I would sign up for the RSS feed of that. I didn’t think much more about it until Dave Doolin pipes up with his sage advice to go claim it. So I did. Coming in the next week or so, I will have a bunch of work with another blog at www.cantankerousoldcoots.com.
I think I am going to fill the blog with the wisdom and rants of those older than me, even though I am getting up there myself. I hope to get Ralph to fill the first guest post with something profound, and later Dave with something that would be totally inappropriate on his site.
I need to create a badge….crossed Preparation H and Ben Gay over a grouchy old guy’s face…. Our motto could be “Whatever” and our niche is “Advice for life from old coots.” We of course would have to adopt a Red Green type lodge… Hmmmm there are many possibilities. I would love to hear suggestions. We would have bylaws too…if you are under 40 you need to have an old coot persona or you can’t be published. Only rants on things that were better in the past could be posted. Any bowel problems are better off on your own site unless they have a really funny punchline and a cute nurse involved.
Wow I must be tired. This is going to be huge amounts of fun. Let me know what you think in the comments and sign up for my newsletter, I will keep updates in that as well!
Thanks for reading!

And now here we are 200 posts, 6 authors and 134,000 words published.  It has been a good year.  If you are new to this blog, thanks for coming!  Sign up for our newsletter and get the first Coots e-book from Cantankerous Old Coots University.  If you are one of our long time readers, thanks for sticking around and boosting our numbers!  If you have never commented, now is a good time to do so!  If you feel feverish, head on over to one of the Coots other blogs: Ralph’s, Bob’s or mine.

Also, Bob is a little under the weather this weekend and will not be spending it in his yurt where he belongs.  Send him a message over there to the right or to bob@cantankerousoldcoots.com  and let him know you are thinking about him.  Hopefully he will be back at full strength soon!

Have a great weekend


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Justin is the young Coot with a Cantankerous Soul who continues to be educated by older, more cootish Ralph and Bob. His Cantankerosity is his own.

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  7 Responses to “A Coots Retrospective”

  1. Congratulations…I’ve become a Coots follower and look forward to #200. the pressure is on to make it a good one.

    • hansi, you are one of us whether you know it or not, not just a follower. I am still looking forward to a guest post.

  2. Justin,
    I remember that interchange and I was frustrated too. Dr D had been ragging on me about niches and I couldn’t see what mine was to save my soul. I was feeling cantankerous and- let’s face it, old, what with all the young bloggers making money and attracting readers so easily. So I snapped right back at you- little knowing the consequences.
    My first thought when You put up Cantankerous Old Coots was that you had really stepped in it. What were you thinking? I was certain that I would have to save your sorry ass.

    So now, we have 200 posts logged, scratching the itches of modern life and searching for sanity in a world gone mad. Is COC making the world a better place. I see no evidence and still you keep pushing us on and I keep trying to bail you out. Where will it all end?

    • You bail us out more than you know. As for where it will end? hopefully with a nice customer base and recurring income from membership sales and ebooks. Not a big pile of money but enough coming in each month to at least pay our respective power bills. The big pile will be later when we sell the site to Google

  3. Ah, shit… I’m actually responsible for this… this… this… exercise in cantankerosity?

    I forgot.

  4. Gimme a ‘C’!
    Gimme an ‘O’!
    Gimme a ‘C’!
    It just occurs to me that we need some cheerleaders around Coots. I still have connections with the good old gals in the LSHS class of ’59 on Facebook. Maybe I can get them to sign on. These days they even talk to me. Somewhere along the years, nerdy got to be ok.

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