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Don’t trip on the Red Carpet

Do you believei it? There is so much going on this week  that this Coot almost forgot about the Oscars. If you want to view all the contenders before the secrets are revealed, you had better get busy because you only have a few hours to do it.   Otherwise just get ready for the excitement. I get shivers when I think about that red carpet and those movie stars competing to see who can wear the most ridiculous outfits. From what I can tell, they will be shivering too unless the weather changes because it is cold in LA today. If you are excited then light a fire and pull up a chair in front of your TV for the big show.

You weren’t planning to watch?

What’s that you say? You already made plans that will keep you from watching? No problem. The Coots have you covered. Our Hollywood insiders tell us that you won’t be missing anything. This years program is a colossal bore but if you still want to know you can see the leaked program right here.

Billy Crystal Is Making Oscars Appearance: Exclusive Spoilers From Detailed Schedule

After the show, if you are not already snoring, you can snuggle in bed with your sweetie but In case you were wondering what the stars do after the show, they party. Madonna and James Franco are competing for the top party spot this year. Did you get your invitation?.

It’s the Oscar after-after party war: Madonna and James Franco vie for best bash

If you think that it will be a cold day in hell when you get invited to a post Oscar Bash at Madonna’s house, you may just be in luck because they are having record cold temperatures in Los Angeles. Check your mailbox again.

Chilly Temps, Snow Predicted For SoCal

And If you are in a betting mood you may want to bet on the British treble.

Oscars 2011 betting: 7/4 on ‘British treble’

It’s cold all over with Chicago setting a snowfall record for February.

Latest Round Of Snow May Set Record

Meanwhile In Libya, beleaguered strongman promises that he will crush any remaining opposition to continuing his leadership.

Gaddafi vows to crush protesters

Coots can’t call this one, but it is not looking good for strongmen these days. In Egypt one already bit the dust and in Los Angeles, the Mayor seems beleaguered.  They are a little cooler in LA but still the Los Angeles Mayor is demanding a six foot wall to protect him from neighbors in his tony Los Angeles enclave. He apparently feels that the best defense is a good offense.

L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Wants a Six-Foot Security Wall Erected Around His Mansion

And finally some good news. This Coot was challenged with all the negative this week but I finally found a high point to wrap up this summary.  It is our old friend Charlie Sheen.  Charlie Sheen is the energizer bunny of entertainment. Despite having his show canceled, Charlie vows not to let this setback keep him down. Positive Charlie will return to work even if the show won’t. That is pluck and determination for you. Much as the Coots complain about todays youngsters being wimps, you can’t say that about Charlie. Nothing keeps that man down.

Charlie Sheen says he will still show up for work.

Well that’s the news for this week and this Coot has his work cut our for him today since I haven’t managed to see even one of the Oscar contending movies. This, of course leaves me without bias and I can cheer for whoever wins. Still, I don’t know if I am up to the ordeal. Have you got any favorites this year. Should I break down and go see a movie or even order one on Netflix? Let me know today and then I won’t even have to watch. It’s a win- win.

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  1. The only story worth posting is the one about how I’m freezing my ass off here in Southern California. Damn, it’s cold!

  2. Hansi,
    Sorry I missed that story. Send me a link. Or better drawing.

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