Down with Feminism!

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Enough is enough!

I have lived with feminists for all of my adult life. They have changed American life dramatically from the wholesome optimistic society of my youth in the 50’s to the pessimistic nanny state of today. Maybe feminists aren’t responsible for all the problems with America today. Still if there is something wrong with modern society that they didn’t cause, it is news to me.

You are nothing but a male chauvinist pig!

So what is wrong with the feminists? Let me count the ways.

Since their rise to power in the 60’s feminists have been lauded for lifting women from their lowly place as guardians of hearth and home and the powers behind the throne to their new place in society- rulers of the world. Look around and tell me that the feminized nanny state is an improvement over survival of the fittest. We have a world today where the state makes sure to handicap anybody with superior abilities and facilitate and elevate weak-minded bureaucrats to run the place.

But it’s all about equality!

“But wait a minute,” you say . “Feminism was just about freeing women to be all they can be -to steal a phrase from the Army. “How could that damage society? All they were doing is helping women to find their proper place in society since it certainly wasn’t raising children.  No, women deserved to be in charge.   So today as we deal with all the misery and confusion that a few selfish, pretentious, ugly,  misanthropic women have dumped on both men and women since then, nobody to this day has called them out for what they are-whining losers. Well Today that is going to stop. Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem, Carol Hanisch, and all you others, Today The Cantankerous Old Coots are calling you out for what you are.  Coot’s say down with feminists.

But they meant well!  Didn’t they?

It started innocently enough. Women were being held down, we heard, by cultural conditioning that defined a secondary role for women. Women were discouraged from having careers, barred from studying math and science and undervalued in the workplace. It seemed benign to make some adjustments to ‘level the playing field’ so to speak. And so it all began. As did all the unintended consequences.

Media messaged social engineering

It is interesting how these changes happened. It wasn’t that these loud, ugly and pretentious feminists were anything new. There have always been loud, ugly and pretentious women with dumb ideas. It is just that after the 60’s they had support from a fawning media that wanted change (it sounds just  like the Obama campaign). And over time, America started to get the message. Once our principles about society , gender roles and responsibilities were softened up and the evil male domination of society was exposed and demonized, the snowball kept rolling and growing all by itself. Soon, it was apparent to all but the most stubborn diehard  chauvinist pigs that men had no place in society once you removed them from control. Women didn’t need men! A turkey baster would do. Women had everything they needed to make the world a better place. Women could do anything that a man can do and more besides. Men were violent, controlling and self serving unlike caring, nurturing women. How many times have you heard the propaganda about what a wonderful, peaceful world we would have if women were in control?

And if you believe that, you probably never had a woman boss.

It was the dawn of a new order.

It soon became important to beat down the male dominated world view. Women needed careers.  They needed a life of their own away from their oppressive husbands and clinging kids.  Women could have it all. Men are abusers. Women are nurturers. So we juggled the books to make sure that what didn’t happen naturally was mandated by the nanny state. You don’t want to watch woman’s basketball? Too bad because colleges must spend equal amounts on men’s and women’s sports. You think that two parents are the way nature intended for children to grow up?  You are just an evil male supporting child abuse and wife-beating.

Feminism became the new world order.

Gradually, this idea became socially acceptable enough that government created laws and eventually the legal system added more feminization to society. Schools became so feminized that male students stopped attending. School and education is now female dominated and scorned by real men (excepting athletes).

Take a small step!

It may be too late to turn this around. There may not be enough real men left. There may be too few women who understand what they have lost when they beat the testosterone out of America and out of their sperm donors. But for what it is worth, this Coot is taking a stand today against feminism. I urge you to take a stand as well. Let’s take a small first step for mankind and help restore our language to sanity.  Let’s stamp out flipping pronouns. First lets take back the English language. Later we can take back society.

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Ralph is the inspiration for Cantankerous Old Coots and is our Grand Duke of Cantankerousness

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  9 Responses to “Down with Feminism!”

  1. Oh My Gawd! You are opening yourself up to a world of hurt Ralph. Hope your wife doesn’t read this crap; mine refuses to read my blog. Better get used to a life of abstinence, should Sweetness take a look at this shit. The only thing I take exception to, is your comment about weak minded bureaucrats….that hurt.

  2. Hansi,
    My wife is in total agreement and she won’t read my blog either. Don’t know why you should be sensitive. I thought you were a crime fighter.

  3. Part of fighting crime is being a weak minded bureaucrat; goes with the territory.

  4. Hansi,
    But they look so tough on TV.

  5. *shrug* Honestly I wish we lived in a world where neither gender was put down.

    That said, things had to change before. Someone like me would have been frowned on and ‘put back in my place’, I wouldn’t be able to do the things I love, and it’s possible I wouldn’t be nearly as happy either. Independence isn’t a bad thing, and I believe it comes down to choice.

    I don’t necessarily agree with what’s been done to education, although over here that’s been more to do with pitching classes for the lowest common denominator than changing it to work best for women. It doesn’t work, and the switch to mixed schools and ‘equal opportunity’ didn’t necessarily get it right, but I refuse to believe that things were so much better before.

    That said, it’s not absolutely fantastic as is. We lost a lot, we gained a bit.

  6. Heather,
    Things used to be more performance based. Now they are outcome based. It makes a big difference.

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  8. Justin,
    Bob was saying that the video comment wasn’t working but he didn’t way why. I had no idea that it puts beards on the commenter. Amazing what technology can do.

  9. This is very interesting post Ralph, thank you for writing this one. I have been also into gender thing problem during childhood but goodness it was settled during high school days.

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