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Feelings be damned this week here at CNS.  It’s Superbowl Sunday and what else can possibly matter than whether Green Bay or Pittsburgh triumph.  Sure there is a bit of conflict going on in Egypt but if anything important happens. Coots are confident that Anderson Cooper will have it all for us.

“What’s that you say?  Anderson is in the hospital after being caught crossing  the street in the middle of the block? Don’t those Egyptians know who he is? ”

The Real Reason Anderson Cooper Was Attacked In Egypt!

And if that weren’t enough there are plans to take out Justin Bieber.  I’d be happy to contribute but even a Coot trembles when faced by a pack of teenage girls.

JUSTIN BIEBER will be gunned down in a cold-blooded attack

But so much for world affairs, back to the Superbowl.

The weather in Dallas has been remarkable.  Global Warming has dumped ice and snow in Dallas and temperatures remain reminiscent of the Arctic.  Flights have been limited and the prospect for better weather are not good.

Dallas-Fort Worth faces another chilly day, with more snow possible Sunday

The new Cowboys Stadium is covered with dangerous ice packs which nearly killed  a photographer this week.

Photographer after ice from roof of Cowboys Stadium falls on him: ‘I’m going to die here’

And if that weren’t enough, the frosting on the cake comes from Home Land Security’s own nanny promising a friendly pat down for each and every Superbowl attendee.

Homeland Security Secretary Inspects Super Bowl Site, Says Fans Have ‘Shared Responsibility’ for Security at Game and Across the Country

We are all in this together. Have fun but watch your back. HSA can’t do everything.

Routine items not allowed at Cowboys Stadium on Sunday

Trying hard to make this Superbowl memorable beyond the commercials, officials are not allowing routine items to be carried in.  Attendees are urged to find non-routine  items.

And as if the calorie laden fare that hosts will be loading on their unsuspecting Superbowl party guests weren’t bad enough, we get the news that the US is the fattest of the rich nations of the world.  Who says we have lost our edge?  We can still hold our own at the buffet with any nation on earth even if Michelle Obama gets upset.  And with enablers like the Mayor, the sky is the limit.

Ever heard of too many cooks, Mayor? Bloomberg spends $245,000 of taxpayers’ dough employing THREE chefs at Gracie Mansion

Mayor Bloomberg doesn’t live at the Gracie Mansion but still needs three chefs where Mayor Giuliani only needed one.

That is about it for this week.  This Coot has still got to whip up a tub of dip and order the hot wings.  No more time for headlines except this.  Apparently Britain is full of farmers who can’t take vacations because they worry about their chickens.  Well here is the solution if you live in Cornwall.  You can count on those savvy Brits to discover a new business opportunity.

Hotel for Chicken Opens Up in Cornwall

May the best team win!  And don’t forget to get credit for the COCU extension course.  Just one more week until the first precipitant (if he can keep up with the pace).

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  4 Responses to “Coots News Service (CNS) Superbowl Edition”

  1. Gotta just love the Kathy Griffin Anderson Cooper routine. No wonder they’re all pissed off over there in Egypt.

  2. Hansi,
    You go girl!

  3. As a resident of Arlington, Texas, I can only say I’m glad the Superbowl is over! Our local news coverage has been one long show of local reporters giggling as they meet “celebrities.” We’ve heard of nothing else for months and I for one, grew extremely tired of it all.

    I never dreamed all this activity went on in host cities!

    We did watch the game in the comfort of our own home, with lots and lots of goodies to eat (my favorite part!). I didn’t much care who won and I didn’t pay thousands of dollars for the pleasure either.

  4. Joan,
    Coot’s like the TV coverage too. Can’t figure about people who go to the stadium and watch the game outside. Talk about crazy. Arlington hits the big time. First the World Series and now the Superbowl.

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