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Groundhog Day 2005 in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania
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I hope everyone had a good break from the regular cantankerosity and enjoyed Heathers work.  She has some good rants on things us other Coots don’t think about.

Is anyone else out there getting tired of winter?  I know it has been very erratic around much of the US and still continues to be…strange weather to say the least.  Next Wednesday the weather prognosticator of all prognosticators will make his debut and tell us all whether we can look forward to 6 more weeks of winter or not.

Puxatawney Phil, that groundhog of groundhogs will pop his little furry but out of his burrow and tell us what’s what.  Personally, I don’t care.  I want winter to be over already, I have bulbs to plant so they will bloom in the spring, and I have roses to prune.

Winter can be over for all I care.  And don’t give me any crap about, “If you don’t like winter why do you live in Utah?”, I like winter, it just gets old around the end of January.  These are the days here when the weather can be cold and cold or just a little cold with extensive pollution and unhealthy air.

There is a unique topography of valleys that is true here as well as in say Los Angeles, valleys trap air and therefore pollution.  I am sure Ralph will weigh in on the LA gunk but here it is my turn.  See cold air gets trapped in the valley with the pollution.  The valley stays at around 30 degrees while it is nicer up higher.  I can go up in the mountains 20-30 minutes from my house and gain 15-20 degrees just by getting out of the trapped air.  Then, coming home you have to chop your way through the crap to get back into the valley.

Not ideal, but it only really happens in the winter.  That is why I will be just fine if old Phil tells us Spring is around the corner.

I want to know what you readers think.  For the first 5 NEW commentors today I am going to send you a free guide to setting up a family budget and a free copy of eWriter pro, a neat little program that will help you write and publish ebooks easier and faster.  Both will come with MRR rights as well.

So if you have commented here before, I would live to hear from you.  If not, the first 5 new people to do so get free stuff.  You will get on the mailing list as well and eligible for more free stuff.

So share as you will and comment like you have never commented before!


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  7 Responses to “Don’t you dare betray me Groundhog!”

  1. I hate to rub it in, but I will. Here in Southern California, the weather has been glorious. Sunny days, highs in the low 70’s, everything green and growing from the recent December rains; it’s just great. Why everyone in the world wouldn’t want to live in So Cal is beyond me.
    Bring Heather back….While being a Coot is pretty much thought of as a male dominated industry; some female energy does certainly perk up the old blog.

  2. It’s ok, over here it’s still really cold too. Though we’re starting to get sun (which is nice) and the ice is finally mostly gone. Still get frost though!

    Also you have a typo in your second last paragraph. Alternatively you’re undead. 😉

    • Glad your weather is cooperating Heather. And I can’t seem to find a typo anywhere, what are you seeing? And after the last couple of nights with my baby (you could have him actually, FedEx will overnight to Scotland) I could be undead.

  3. As a former resident of LA, I have to tell Hansi that when you are in LA it seems like everyone does live in LA. In the pre-Jerry Brown days when California built freeways it all worked fine. Post Jerry everytime you want to go somewhere you have to deal with 20 million people who also want to go somewhere ad have no roads to do it on. The weather is glorious however. And there is so much less gunk in the air these days.
    Here in the Sierra foothills we are enjoying sun while 10 miles away and 1,000 feet down, the Sacramento valley is fogged in. We have warmed up to about 50 degree days with no frost at night. I have been waiting for our annual snowfall but so far nothing. Up here we don’t fear the groundhog!

  4. Oh, you just said you’d ‘live’ to hear from us instead of ‘love’. Was joking with the undead thing 😉

    Though if you FedEx the kid over I’m sending it back. Or to somewhere suitably horrible (like Wales).

  5. If he has kettlebell genetics he’d fit in Scotland better..

  6. Fortunately, the winter is already over and we can enjoy the sunshine and the hot evenings with cool drinks… I wish I could live on a continent where it is always like that…

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