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This has been an interesting week.  We started a new contest here at the Coots.  We were trying to see who could write the best post, in terms of generating discussion.  Bob started off snarky and then Ralph went all sugary sweet and praising.

Enough to make me sick.  All of it.  In the end, Bob has the most comments on his post, I think he is paying some big bucks to win this little contest.   Now really, do you folks need any more of Bob?

Small poll here:


That’s what I thought.  Now I am not exactly sure what to do with this post.  I should just sit under my tree and let the delicate sound of the kettlebell inspire more creativity.

In fact, my first instinct was to just shut up and let my creative superiority ebb and flow across the coots so that everyone is under my benevolent spell.  My second instinct is to crack my knuckles and write a post to make angels weep and the sun turn away in fear.

I of course will do neither.  I will say that Cantankerous Old Coots is a consortium, a melding of 3 very different but still alike minds.  What was created by me on a momentary whim has grown beyond anything I had even dared hope.  This blog has taken on a life of its own and is growing more steadily in visits and page rank than my other fantastic blog, Catharsis of the Bogue.

A harebrained scheme of a website based on a sarcastic comment by Ralph has been given life.  It has been nurtured by Ralph mainly and then myself, with some special fertilizer sprinkled in by Jenn and Heather and Jillian.  And then there was Bob, shoveling his own brand of manure cantankerosity into the mix.  Somewhere we have created a monster, an amalgam that keeps on developing into a real boy.  That would probably mean that Dave Doolin is our Jiminy Cricket.

All in all, there are 3 coots here who like to write.  We like to share information.  We want the world to know who the Cantankerous Old Coots are.  We want to bring the world into our Cantankerous fold and teach them the ways of non conformity and non complacency.  Who is the best writer?  Me of course.  Who has the best handle on politics?  Bob.  Who has the largest monkey on his back is the biggest curmudgeon? Ralph.  And we all make this little website work no matter how many comments each one can garner.

BTW, this post had better receive some comments.  Don’t let Bob win, it will just go to his head and you have seen what his ego is like.  It isn’t pretty.  Well I am off to log some IP addresses of people who are forgetting to comment so that I can spam them.  And to delete some of those comments from Bob’s post.

Until next time,


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Justin is the young Coot with a Cantankerous Soul who continues to be educated by older, more cootish Ralph and Bob. His Cantankerosity is his own.

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  9 Responses to “Saving the best for last, this week at least.”

  1. And don’t forget those kettle bells, Justin!

  2. You’ll notice I’ve been entirely fair in my commenting across the board! lol. The repeat comments are largely dependent on responses though I’ll admit.

    But what the heck, I may stick around here because I got a mention =P

    • Stick Around Heather you are one of our only commentors that keeps coming back. Still could use another post when you need to rant!

  3. My recent irritations haven’t been the sort you post about lol, but don’t worry, I’m keeping my eyes open. May have a couple shortly.

  4. No pressure is nice 😉 I’ll be by at some point.

  5. Saving the best for last for the week? You mean there is another post coming?

    • It will be a podcast full of your snarky insights and other functions, taken totally out of context and designed to make you speechless. I don’t know if it will work. I am surprised that Dr. Dave is speechless. I think he is either overwhelmed with genius (not likely) or just too flabbergasted with our success to be anything but really speechless. I think I will take that as a compliment.

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