Sep 042011
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Al Gore
Cover of Al Gore

AlGore used to irritate me.  All of his pseudo-science based bullshit about the threat of global warming pissed me off on several levels.

First off, I hate hypocrisy, and when I see a jackass like Gore preaching “protect the environment” at symposiums attended by “leaders” who arrived on private jets carrying 2-3 people each, rather than on fuel efficient commercial airliners…I lose all interest.

(I must admit, however, that I paid enough attention to note that last winter there were several “global warming” meetings cancelled due to severe cold and snow.  How’s that global warming thing working out for you there, Al?  ***snicker, snicker, snicker***)

In fairness, it’s not just good ol’ Al that shows such hypocrisy.  I used to subscribe to Mother Earth News (yes, I put up with their left leaning politics.  Their self-sufficiency articles were good.)

Then they put John Jr or Joe or some other Kennedy brat on the cover plugging his interview inside that month’s issue…an interview on…what else…global warming.  Guess where the cover photo was taken?  Beside the private jet he had just arrived in, coming to Los Angeles from Martha’s Vineyard just for the interview in that waste of jet fuel.

So much for Mother Earth News…it was nice knowing ya.

Anyway, now I’m willing to have a truce with AlGore, at least temporarily.  You see, I have 5-6 inches of his global warming on my front porch right now, and down here in Georgia we don’t have snow shovels.  No matter that I’m only 60 miles north of Atlanta…the same Atlanta with only two white Christmases in history, the most recent in 1882…according to Al we are still in the middle of a global heat wave…so I’d like to ask a favor of good ol’ Al:

Please send me some of that heat wave stuff.

Not a lot…I don’t want to warm up all of Georgia…just the half mile or so surrounding me so my neighbors and I can move around a bit.  I think you could probably get enough of your global heat wave in a box that UPS could deliver that would get the job done.

Al, if you’ll send that, I’d appreciate it and I’ll get off your hypocritical ass…at least a little bit.  I’ll consider it a late Christmas present.


Never mind, Al…

There is too much of your global warming BS on the roads for the UPS delivery truck to get to my house.

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  3 Responses to “Hey Al…send global warming, please!”

  1. Bob,
    There is a Hummer in my neighborhood with a bumper sticker hat says Global Warmer. Would that help?

  2. Hell yes. If he’d come park that sucker in my drive and let it waste gas…er…idle for a half hour or so it would probably thaw everything within a mile or so. You’ve got my address…send him my way.

    Gratis, of course. I’m cheap.

  3. It’s been raining for a week and I’m freezin’ my butt off here in “Sunny” Southern California.

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