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Have you heard this one?  Wait, here is a disclaimer before I even start.  If you want to keep up some delusion of the greatness of the country and faith in humanity at Christmas time, don’t read further.  This story makes me cringe.

Let’s start at the beginning.  It was a lovely morning in Prince William County, Virginia near Christmas.  At one public high school a group of 10 boys gets together wearing hideous Christmas sweaters and singing carols to their fellow students.  They call themselves the Christmas Sweater Club and I think it sounds like a very nice thing to do.

If that is not enough Christmas Cheer, the boys began to hand out those small candy canes wrapped in plastic.  This is where it goes downhill on a greased rocket sled.  The boys get detention and disciplinary action for their kind and fun loving actions.

They were accused of trying to maim and injure fellow students, with the mini candy canes!  I was unaware of the lethality of the Candy Cane besides getting it stuck in your throat.  Apparently, you can sharpen the candy cane with your mouth and use it to inflict harm.  I was not aware of this but there it is.  Don’t stare too closely at the picture over there, you could poke your eye out.

These kids are also getting nailed for littering and creating a disturbance.  It seems the principal had told them that not everyone wants Christmas cheer and they should keep it to themselves.  What a crock of reindeer poop.  I know of one principal that should be on Santa’s Naughty list and probably deserves a swift kick in the pants from the rest of the country.

I hope that this doesn’t discourage these fine young men from continuing to spread the Christmas cheer to their fellow man.  We need Christmas and things to belive in without so much hate as this principal seems to have.  Screw her, good luck to these kids.

Here is a link to the video of the story from the local news.  Watch it and try not to be outraged, then tell me what you are thinking in the comments below.  Especially you, sitting there reading this who hasn’t commented before.  Yes you in the blue shirt.  Please comment already!

Also, share on the social networks if you would be so kind…Thank you and Merry Christmas.  If you don’t celebrate Christmas, Happy Holidays.  If you don’t celebrate holidays, we could probably use a guest post because you are more cantankerous than I am.


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  11 Responses to “Lethal Christmas Cheer”

  1. People are strange.

    Ah well, happy Christmas to all old coots! I don’t care if you have no Christmas cheer, and yes, that ‘Happy Christmas’ was an order. 😉

    • Heather, is that how you wish people Christmas cheer? By saying Happy Christmas? The usual in the states is Merry. And Merry Christmas to you. Getting any more snow?

  2. Justin, I read this story too and found one thing good about it. It was easy to decide what to file it under. “Too stupid to be believed” came immediately to mind.

    Merry Christmas everyone, Merry Christmas!

  3. I’m usually a ‘Merry’ too – Always thought it was ‘Happy’ over there… may just be a tv thing dreamt up by some random producer and perpetuated throughout Christmas television.

    Anyway Merry Christmas! Ah that feels better…

    No more snow here, though its possible that we’ll get some on Christmas. Still tons of it lying around from the last lot though!

    Any of the white stuff near you? 😉

  4. Atlanta, Georgia, 60 miles south of me, is looking at the likelihood of it’s first white Christmas since 1882.

    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanuka (sp?), and, if you choose to believe in a politically made up holiday, have a good Kwanza even (we can’t offend the stupid, now can we?).

  5. My Son Sean, the Bad Deacon, turned me on to your site. love it. But in defense of the bureaucrats that made this ruling, there is inherent danger in all things, which can also be used as weapons. Licking your for fork while eating is an example; don’t want to cut your tongue off.

    • Hansi,
      Bureaucrats do what they do. They have been so empowered in California that education is no longer a priority. In fact, it is a waste of time sending kids to schools in California. You certainly don’t have to worry about learning anything other than how good they feel about themselves. And they are safe from religious oppression and tasty food. Now that I think about it learning is probably hazardous to your health.

  6. Hansi…but how is that “…in defense of the bureaucrats…”? It actually just makes them look even stupider…if EVERYTHING is potentially dangerous, and they wish to ben all dangerous things, doesn’t that mean the logical conclusion in their mind would be to ban all things?

    The kids would have to come to school with nothing…no books, no pencils, no paper…naked even (which would soon become nekkid…yes, there IS a difference).

  7. Heh heh..

    I need to teach my dad the old trick.

    Candy canes as weapons? I’m pretty sure they will outlaw them in San Francisco pretty soon then.

  8. That is, “the old [ / sarcasm ] ” trick. Dang internet thought my faux-HTML was real HTML, dang it!

    I’m sure teh bureaucrats will outlaw faux-html soon too…

  9. Much thanks to Sean for clarifying my meaning. Having worked for 30 years in a bureaucracy (a So-Cal Probation Department) it’s mind numbing what often came down as directives, which I had to enforce. I couldn’t take half that stuff seriously. Maybe that’s why I never got promoted.
    Bureaucracies take on a life of their own, and fail to serve their basic client populations. I found that rather than fighting crime, covering my ass was my main objective.
    How sweet is the land of retirement.

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