Down With Idiots

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Feb 252013
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I hate stupid people. I really really do. I don’t mean those with mental disablities either. They are the way they are for a reason, and choice is NOT that reason! They need to be treated with caring and respect, just like any other person.

However, those who use excuses for why they can’t learn something piss me off! Especially when women use their gender for an excuse. WTF?!?!?! We can do almost anything a man can, and learning is an area where we can kick butt. Math is hard, but it doesn’t mean a woman can’t learn it.. I am so sick of that excuse it makes me want to barf when I hear it.

Then you have those that use the excuse they didn’t graduate high school or go to college. BFD! There are books and online information. READ THESE! Learn something and make yourself better. If you can’t read, I do have sympathy for you…but all you have to do is sign up for a course. If you can’t swallow your pride enough to learn a basic skill that is needed in everything from driving to ordering in a restaurant…Nope, no sympathy for you!

What about people who say they can’t learn because they don’t have time? HELLO?!?!? You have time to watch TV, rent movies, play video and computer games, sign on to Facebook and Twitter…but no time to better yourself by learning a little something. F’in Idiots!

Stupid really IS as stupid does, and I am sick of it. I wish we could give everyone a test to see if they are too stupid to realize that learning is something you need to do from birth to death. If they don’t realize that, deport them somewhere else. Preferably the moon.

I am sick of people not using their gift of free information. Use the internet and find stuff you are interested in and LEARN about it. Check out a book that’s  not all sex and romance. LEARN something useable….like how to cook. Ladies, cooking is hot, and I don’t mean the temperature.

You all with me? What examples of idiots are at the top of your “wish we could send ’em to the moon” list?


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  13 Responses to “Down With Idiots”

  1. Idiots = People that choose the art of stupidity over more productive things in their educational endeavors.

    I hate the ‘Oh I didn’t finish high school’ excuse; I didn’t. On purpose. Then I went to college, I’ve been there four years, and honestly? I learned more on my own than while there. Pick where your interests lie; mine isn’t in the ‘noble’ art of ignorance (even if, according to some, it’s bliss).

  2. Hey Heather.
    We seem to think alot alike! I, too, feel I’ve learned more on my own than in educational institutions. However, formal education has its place and is often a good thing. They key thing is to not believe learning has to happen in a class room. Learning occurs every day and often in the strangest places!

    I think my definition of idiot is someone who chooses to stay ignorant rather than be active in learning about all aspects of life. I also include those who are prejudiced, zealots, or unable to participate in constructive debate in the category of idiot.

    Glad you stopped by Heather. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us 🙂

  3. Gotta watch out here. Looks like guys have to recognize that girls can do almost everything guys can (and probably don’t want to do the ones they can’t) for example cantankerosity. I’m not worried because you are never going to catch me on the old part.

  4. Hey Ralph 🙂 A lot of men won’t recognize that women are just as capable as they are. Those that DO recognize this are at a distinct advantage. They learn how to work with women when that certain touch some of us seem to have is needed on top of the technical or other know how. 🙂

    Oh..and one is only as old as they act. Some days, by this definition, I believe I even have you beat in that 😛

    • No one will catch Ralph in the old department. We can only learn cantakerosity and cootishness at the feet of his walker… Jenn is getting quite the cantankerousity on!
      That is all. Carry on.

  5. To the moon? The moon’s pretty neat, let’s not ruin it.

    Why not Neptune? There’s no love for Neptune.

    • I don’t think Ralph Cramden would sound as good saying “To Neptune Alice! To Neptune!” Just doesn’t have the punch….

  6. Okay..I guess Shawn is right.. How about Pluto instead? Dunno why, but its always been my second favorite planet name..thought its not a planet any more(talk about WTF!). Maybe just launch em and see where they land? LOL thanks for stopping by Shawn!

  7. I don’t care what they say – Pluto is a damn planet. It had tenure.

    Further, seriously you guys – you need to get a subscribe to comments thing!

    • I agree, pluto is a planet! and I thought we did have a susbcribe to comments thing….I will look into it. ?thanks Heather

  8. Excellent, it’s working now. 🙂

  9. I totally agree with you Ralph, I just can’t believe that there are some people who don’t care about their mental health, and don’t recognize their lack of social conventions. This is some kind of primitivity.

    • Thanks Aletta, I do agree with this post but the credit goes to Jen. She did a few posts for us a while back and we enjoyed her distaff perspective.

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