Jan 152012
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Hello folks.  Today’s podcast is inspired by a post over on my friend Maria Muir’s site.  It is about the absurd lengths the TSA is going through to make sure citizens get violated, I mean secured.  Go check Maria’s stuff out at MariaMuir.com. She will love the traffic.  The link to the article is after the podcast!

This pic is just a portent of what will be expected in the airport in the next few years. I can picture the agent (a large woman with a german accent strangely enough) saying, “Now you will stand like this while we check you for incendiary devices in your lower intestine!”  Scary thoughts.


Thanks for listening.  Here is the link to Maria’s post: http://mariamuir.com/2010/12/01/tsa-the-new-sex-predators-grooming-your-children-with-your-consent/comment-page-1/#comment-3086

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  5 Responses to “Podcast 4: More Woes from the land of the TSA”

  1. Why don’t we just abandon everything and walk through buck naked?

    Can’t wait til we get something like that over here. You know how much fun can be had there? (Think animal noises, for instance)

    Heck of a time of year to do it though. ‘What did you get for Christmas Billy?’ ‘We played the airport game twice! And then I got a lollipop.’

    Dentists do it, how long til the tsa do?

    In a lighter note though; we’ve had snow here all week! =) (That was my attempt at Christmas cheer, I think it may need work)

    • Ho Ho Ho! I think people would have gone naked this weekend just for shock if they were not afraid of getting arrested for indecent exposure. Go figure, you can t walk around naked, but you can get molested in the airport

  2. Hi Justin, this document was posted on my blog, thought you might be interested.


    p.s. Thanks for the link back :o)

  3. It’s the sort of thing I’d do lol, but you know, being arrested doesn’t exactly appeal. 🙂

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