Down with Organic Food

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Nov 032013
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Don’t Eat That!

Everybody is telling us how unhealthy our food it these days. Everywhere you look, they tell you that artificial fertilizers and chemicals have ruined our food supply. The fruits and vegetables at the supermarkets aren’t safe. They aren’t healthy. In fact, according to conventional wisdom, they are killing us. Well, I say bullshit to all that. These are the same Luddites that tell us we have to stop driving cars because technology is causing global warming. They are hysterical fools and if you believe them you are nothing but a sheep..

Take your pick – Pests? Pesticides?

Think about it. Why is it that we use pesticides in the first place? Duh! We don’t like bugs in our food or we don’t like it when the bugs get first shot at it. We like our fruit to look and taste good. We like our food without pests. That is what pesticides do. They get rid of pests.

Eat ugly

“Not good enough!” say the ‘experts. For your health you should eat the ugly, blotched organic stuff from the local market or, if you are Bill Gates, you can get the gorgeous, pampered organic stuff from Whole Foods. But does it really matter, health-wise? I say no.

Pesticides kill pests.

First of all, think about the word pesticide. What is the prime directive for a pesticide? You don’t have to be Einstein to figure out that it is to kill pests. Pesticides kill pests. We don’t call them humanicides! They aren’t designed to kill humans. With a few notable exceptions, humans are not pests. If you want to kill humans with pesticides, you would have to drown them in the stuff. The small amounts that are still present on the foods we buy hardly register to our bodies,

Scared of the big C?

This means nothing to the ‘experts’ who want us to live in caves and eat wormy, bug infested food. ‘Pesticides cause cancer,’ they shriek, They ignore the reality that those tests use thousands of times the quantities on rats that are prone to tumors in the first place. Well, I say that carrots and potatoes cause cancer too, if you eat enough of them.

Grow up!

I’m not paying for organic food and I’m not buying the hype that I am going to die unless I eat buggy organics or use up my life savings shopping at Whole Foods. I say that a little pesticide never hurt anybody. I can’t say that about bugs.


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  6 Responses to “Down with Organic Food”

  1. “They ignore the reality that those tests use thousands of times the quantities on rats that are prone to tumors in the first place.” ^5s Ralph! Most consumers are too…unsavvy to find the important things like that out! I totally agree…If what my momma and my granny ate is good enough for them, it is good enough for me. Now I just need to get off my behind and do more things that resemble exercise (like they did!) so I can improve my health and still enjoy real food..pesticides and all 😉

  2. Gurl,
    Our grandparents didn’t get sick eating wholesome food and they grew it any way they could. Exercise is important too. It is so easy to skate when you are young and regret it later.
    .-= Ralph´s last blog ..How to keep your health in balance as you age. =-.

  3. the best thing about organic foods is that they are free from hazardous chemicals that are present in non-organic foods”~,

  4. organic foods are the best for our health since they are free from dangerous chemicals and toxins ;–

  5. Candy Paint.
    You also get that good protein from the bugs.

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