Jul 292014
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I am sitting here in my first college class of the new term. In front of me is a lady (and I use the term loosely) who needs to learn where her waist is. As she sat down, her shirt pulled up and it was clear her pants are probably a size or two too small.

Then we have the males with their pants under their rear ends. This absolutely disgusts me! I don’t want to see your draws unless..well, this is a family oriented blog, but you get what I am saying I am sure.

Then we have the ladies with their tatas hanging out….OMG if you are selling it, wait til you leave the learning institution before your start advertising!

People need to remember that being covered leaves an air of mystery. Letting it hang out, or wearing clothes that are several sizes too small makes you look cheap at best. I am so sick of these people coming into classes dressed that way. It hurts my image and the image of the college its self.

People, if you can’t adequately cover your assets, stay at home please! No one wants to see your rear, your belly, your boobs, and so forth in public. If my big butt can keep myself well covered, any one can!


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  6 Responses to “Dress with self respect people!!”

  1. Thank you Gurl. And Amen!
    .-= Ralph´s last blog ..Wake up and smell the – Roses =-.

  2. On some people those assets are liabilities. Enough said there I believe 😉
    .-= Heather´s last blog ..Childrens Literature Lesson: Why Do We Feel Important? =-.

  3. Ralph,
    Glad you enjoyed, you’re welcome.

    Totally with ya there!
    .-= Gurl´s last blog ..The Asylum Report Card: May 2010 =-.

  4. About 15 years ago, I worked in a pre-school with some VERY wild and misbehaving 4 year olds. One day, one of the worst of them, Jamie, had to wear a suit and tie to school (can’t remember why now, must be getting old-lol).

    Anyway, Jamie, in his little suit and tie, sat up straight and acted like a little gentleman all that day. He was so proud of that suit and he acted accordingly.

    I think the casual dress (and other forms of dress you mentioned) leads to a lack of respect for yourselves and those around us. Those young people you mentioned will probably, unfortunately, go to job interviews dressed like that too. No wonder so many are unemployed.

  5. Joan,
    That is a good demonstration of clothes making the man. These days that kid probably wouldn’t even have a suit, let alone his Dad.

  6. Hahaha! T is my favorite letter. I like it in any color. But red is best.

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