Oct 172011
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Well folks, the arrogance of the Transportation Security Administration and the country’s official big sister, Secretary Janet Napolitano has simultaneously reached new heights…and new depths.

Under new standards (I use the term “standards” very, very loosely here), the thugs pedophiles perverts security officers of the TSA are going to get to know you REAL well by the time you finish clearing security at our airports.  The old AT&T phone company’s (remember that?  Talk about retro…) advertising line “Reach out and touch someone” has taken on a whole new meaning.

The TSA’s method of checking folks for explosives has changed.  Not satisfied with making granny take her shoes off and thirsty diabetics empty their water bottles, and deciding that rubbing you all over with the back of their hands wasn’t enough, they have decided to make sexual assault a normal part of flying from Cleveland to El Paso.

Would “feeling up” Richard Reid have kept us safe?  Uh…no.  His bomb was in his tennis shoes, not his crotch.

How about Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab?  Would copping a feel have stopped the Christmas Day Bomber?  Nope.  Despite the bomb being in his Fruit-of-the-Looms it was designed in such a way that a good session of getting to second base would have found nothing.

But getting to second base…and beyond…has just become a normal part of a TSA security screener’s job.

Hey…don’t complain!  Pedophiles and sexual deviants need jobs too!!!

Just how much more are we gonna take?  Just how close to the Gestapo of Nazi Germany will we allow this country to get?  When will we say “enough is enough”?

It’s easy for me to say since it can’t happen…I’m already on the TSA no-fly list…but if it were me and my family, I can tell you what would happen.  If a screener were to check my “package” there would be one hell of a ruckus raised…very loudly.  If a screener checked out the lushness of my wife or girlfriend’s breasts, or…God forbid…ran their hand between my daughter’s legs, copping a feel of her crotch, the screener would go to the hospital and I’d go to jail.

I’d take my chances with a jury.  It only takes one person to hang a jury, and a decent lawyer could make sure one of 12 would be a parent who would vote “not guilty” no matter the pressure by other jurors.

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  12 Responses to “Job security has reached new heights…and validation for pedophiles”

  1. Stupidity 1: 0 Sense.

  2. Heather, do you think that…even remotely…common sense could really prevail? After all, we ARE talking government here.

  3. I have never gotten up close and personal with the TSA. They wanded me once before I learned to take off my belt. It’s a damn nuisance and I don’t much like them going through my suitcase either.
    Given that flying itself is almost as unpleasant as waterboarding these days, I’m inclined to think that even a strip search would be better than a 5 hour flight. Still, when I have to fly, I prefer that I arrive undetonated.

  4. Eh, government working effectively is a myth. Still sometimes you have to wonder just how stupid they can really get…

    It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that there was an evil genius controlling all the world’s governments and this was part of their own twisted amusement.

  5. There is…his name is George Soros.

  6. I have been doing some research on this and Holy Freaking Crap, how long will it be before we are subject to full cavity searches before we can even enter the airport? This whole situation is way out of control. I totally agree with you Bob, the first time someone feels up my daughter in the name of “security” they are leaving the airport in a neck brace or a body bag. How would that go over on a trip to Disneyland, Dad ends up in a federal prison! Bah, I guess I am driving everywhere. That is fine with me. and Bob, some day you will have to tell us why you are on the “no-fly” list, that should be a good story.

  7. Justin, searches at the airport are just the tip of what has been going on under the radar for years. Our rights have been being eroded since about 1920…and we;ve been sleping.

    The good thing about Obama, and the only thing different about him from other of our “leaders”, republican and democrat, is speed…he stepped on the accelerator and woks us up.

    Use your magic admin powers and take an early look at next Monday’s post. Your education begins.

  8. Maybe the TSA should change its name to T&A: tits and ass.

  9. The easist way to avoid being groped by TSA Pedos is to dress like an Arab, carry a koran with you and mumble in a arabic. The Tsa would be afraid of offending you or being accused of racial profiling, hell the airline might even upgrade you to first class!

  10. I hadn’t thought of that, Frank…good idea.

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