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So, I picked up a couple of self help books today. I started reading and it really sounds like BOTH authors started off well to do. Maybe not rich, but (with the small amount I’ve been able to get into either) it surely seems like they don’t remember having done without–if they ever did!

Why would someone like me, who is trying to get off the ground from a broke ass place, even think they could tell  me how I can make it???? I have VERY LITTLE to invest other than time and effort.

I am sick of people who really seem so far removed from who I am now trying to tell me I can make money this way or that way. Sure–they made MORE money with their efforts, but once you have money making money gets a touch easier I’d bet. You can make more when you have a bit to invest. When you can’t even afford the tools of the trade without juggling bills and stretching the dollar, its damn neigh impossible (or so it seems).

I want to find a story about someone who started from a place where they were going to charities to get the essentials paid while praying the not so essential stuff didn’t get cut off before their check (what ever type it might be) came in. I want a story about someone who made it despite being poorer than poor when it came to money. I don’t want they story to be one of over night success, I just want it to be real and from someone I can frigging relate to.

Maybe in a few years I will be writing that story, but until then…what the hell is someone like me supposed to do when they want someone to relate to that they can also look up to and learn from?

Maybe I am wrong and everyone one of these motivational writers and speakers started out when they were eating deer stew and thankful someone they knew had been kind enough to share the meat. Maybe they did start when they were juggling bills and praying to keep the utilities on plus one or two extras. Well..they need to tell THAT story as well as their successes in my opinion. Let the common man related to you. There are more lower middle class and poor people than there are middle upper class on up….Write something these people can relate to. Go find the stories that haven’t been written of those who’ve succeeded against such rough looking odds…and TELL them.

If you stay tuned long enough..I will write that story. The one where I succeed against all odds, and I will tell the ugly side of where I am starting from…and hope that someone like me will pick it up and find they can relate. Then I hope they take my story as motivation from them to get out there and do it themselves.


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  5 Responses to “Down With-People I Can’t Relate To Trying To Motivate Me”

  1. Gurl,
    I am sure that we all want to hear that story. Make it happen.
    .-= Ralph´s last blog ..Wake up and smell the – Kniphofia =-.

  2. Hey, Ralph.
    I plan on doing just that, with the help and encouragement from good friends like you and Justin..and so many more! Then we can all say we knew each other when 😉 Thanks for the encouragement.
    .-= Gurl´s last blog ..Why Blogging Scares Me =-.

  3. Jenn,

    I can definitely relate to this. This is one of the reasons I generally don’t buy self-help books. I come from a very humble beginning too, to the point where even doing “okay” or “well” is something to aspire to – not even doing “GREAT!” or becoming rich. Just keep your eye on the prize girl, in a few years’ time we’ll be on our way to becoming those great stories. 🙂
    .-= Jillian´s last blog ..Freelancer Vs. Entrepreneur =-.

  4. I feel ya girl, but we have what it takes…and we are gonna rock the casbah! Keep on keeping on.

  5. self-help is an interesting topic and i always want to be able to help myself and fix any problems`.;

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