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Of course I am using technology to rant.  I used technology to come up with this post.  I used real life to get mad about it.  I was reading Dave Doolin’s Website In A Weekend and he had an article about using the WPTouch plugin and how it makes your blog readable on your fancy internet connected cell phone.

Of course we have this plugin on our blog, it may drive me nuts but people read blogs on cell phones.  I am not sure about the Constitutionality of this but…

Here is what else drives me nuts.  Cell phones in general.  I have been against cell phones in many ways for a long time.  I don’t like the constant availability, or the dependence people place on them.  Right now I have a phone that is pre-paid and doesn’t do anything but make and receive calls.  There is a calculator that I use to do gas mileage in the car at fill ups but other than that, there is no camera, touch screen or internet.

It is good to have around when I go to the store for my wife and she needs something else that was not on the list.  It may be good to have around in an emergency but I have not needed it because I carry tools in my car and can fix most things with a set of open end wrenches, channel lock pliers a screwdriver, duct tape, and my personal favorite, zip ties.  If it were not for the fact that I needed to be constantly available while waiting for my daughters kidney transplant I may have gotten rid of the phone altogether.

It bugs the living hell out of me when my dad calls from his house on his cell phone to my cell phone at my house.  I don’t even answer anymore.  I call him back on the house phone.

I am not necessarily against having a phone to communicate but the whole prestige and snottiness of these iPhone users, Blackberry etc. bothers the hell out of me.  Take this for example.  My daughter is 9 years old and in 3rd grade.  There are several, read again, SEVERAL kids that have cell phones.  Their parents allow them to have the phone.  They are the higher end phones.  It is a bunch of bull.  They pretend that they are better than the other kids and hold it over their heads.

I will not be giving my 9 year old a cell phone that works.  There is no way that she needs it.  There is no reason for anyone in elementary school to need a cell phone.  They Cause problems, Texting is the devils new tool of destruction.  I do not have the ability to text message.  I don’t want it.

I am not so sure that I even like you reading this on your iPhone or android enabled device.  I like my computer.  The big one.  I am tired of people being able to be in constant communication or on the internet.  Screw it all, I am going fishing.

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  9 Responses to “Technology That Drives Me Nuts…”

  1. You are right. It is a crazy world. It is bad enough that everybody seems to need a cell phone but when you have to buy one for your kid so he won’t get made fun of, that is over the top. The only reason a kid needs a cell phone is because the new phones are too complicated for any normal adult to understand. I just want to make a call and it wants to tell me the weather in Bali. Kids are overrated anyway. Best I can figure you need them to operate the DVR and the cell phone. After that they are a total loss.

  2. Give it time. Just wait until high school.
    .-= Ralph´s last blog ..Going on Your Own =-.

  3. AHAHAHAHAH!! You guys crack me up. Yeah, cell phones are ridiculous for kids. Sheesh.

    Ralph, if you learn your DVR you can do away with the kids altogether.
    .-= Carlos Velez´s last blog ..Justin Matthews (Guest Post): Exit the Lazy, Enter the Pre-Writing Challenge! =-.

  4. Totally agree about kids with phones (I have a 5yr old and a 9yr old), but I have a question for ya: What is a home phone? I didn’t know people still used them!

    Yeah, I have a blackberry (and I like it too!), and I use Skype for my business phone, costs me about $10 a month for unlimited incoming and outgoing calls (nationwide), but it runs on my computer through the internet. I like it….

    Nice rant BTW 🙂
    .-= Keith´s last blog ..What We Can Learn From GM =-.

    • Justin does a good rant when we can keep him away from the kettlebells. They make him mellow. Thanks for chiming in. And home phones are what we used in the old days to stay in touch – pretty primitive things.

    • my home phone is bundled with my cable internet so I get long distance and everything over the internet too. Skype has issues on my laptop so I don’t use that much. One of these days I may end up with a blackberry but I am resisiting!

  5. Surely noone can resist the call of the Crackberry for long.. OMG I want one so bad LOL I <3 my cell phone, my texting ability, the fact I can check on facebook a bit, get updates via SMS, share photos.. I am total technogeek and proud of it. I bet you get a Crackberry as soon as finances permit 😛
    .-= Gurl´s last blog ..Why Blogging Scares Me =-.

    • I can. my phone will call in and receive calls. I can text but I don’t. I love tech stuff but that is just too much.

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