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Texas Rangers (baseball)
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Down with the Yankees!

Nothing makes this Coot happier than to see the Yankees lose. Let’s give a big cheer for the Rangers who sent then home for the season last week. Gotta love those underdogs from the hinterlands. The Yankees represent everything that is wrong with America today – money, priviledge and arrogance.

I come by my Yankee phobia naturally. I grew up in Kansas City where in ancient times the Kansas City Blues were a Yankee farm team. Every time the Blues had a good season, the Yankees harvested the stars leaving the team flat. When the Philadelphia Athletics moved to KC, nothing changed. The KC A’ s continued to function as a farm team for the Yankees. Roger Maris was a painful example as this quote from Wikipedia notes.

Maris made his major league debut in 1957 with the Cleveland Indians. On April 18, 1957, Maris hit the first home run of his career. It came at Briggs Stadium in Detroit and was a grand slam off Tigers pitcher Jack Crimian.[2] The next year, he was traded to the Kansas City Athletics with Dick Tomanek and Preston Ward for Vic Power and Woodie Held. He represented the A’s in the All-Star Game in 1959 in spite of missing 45 games due to an appendix operation.

Kansas City frequently traded its best players to the New York Yankees – which led them to be referred to as the Yankees’ “major league farm team”[citation needed] – and Maris was no exception, going to the Yankees in a seven-player trade in December 1959, with Kent Hadley and Joe DeMaestri for Marv Throneberry, Norm Siebern, Hank Bauer, and Don Larsen.

Heart, pluck and spirit are not part of the Yankee tradition. It is raw power, bullying and all the entitlement that money can buy. Thankfully this year we are spared the ordeal.

***Edit note from Justin: I found this clip from Doug Stanhope about the Yankees.  I feel the same way.  Warning for extreme coarse language.  Listen at your own risk.  You have been warned, don’t come back and complain to us.


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  9 Responses to “Coots Smirk: How about them Yankees?”

  1. Where is the clip? I need some coarse language this morning.

  2. Wow, not just the Yankees but the whole pansy-assed nanny state mentality f NYC.

  3. Damn! Stanhope sounds like he might be an appropriate recipient of an honorary degree from COCU.

  4. So long as we wash his mouth our with soap first.

  5. The Repost says that Youtube removed the video but when you click the continue button, it is still there. So far in 2012 the Yankees are going strong just like bullies always do.

  6. Well yankees are great I hope they won

  7. They are a pretty awesome team btw yankees forever!!!!!. – Rabbi Binyomin Lisbon

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