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Ahhh Ralph has been eloquent the past few days with tales of airline travel and LA.  While I believe there is a place for such things, Sometimes there need to be comment on things that we can do nothing about.

I am talking about how &*^%ing hot it has been the last few days here in Utah.  Check your local listings, but it seems like September is not being the crisp fall month that I remember from my youth.  Days where you actually needed a jacket in the morning and may be able to do without it by the afternoon.

This past week it has seemed like late summer here.  All temps in the mid 90’s.  This week is scheduled for more of the same.  The air conditioner is still running and the kids are still wearing shorts.  So today, I saying Down with Mother Nature and Down with the Heat!

Now there are going to be those people who say “What’s the big f’ing deal?  It’s hot here too.”  Same statement applies.  I am not sure of Ralph’s climate but whenever I think of California it is nothing but sun and heat.

There may also be those who will give me the business about living in a basic desert state.  It gets hot in the desert.  My Grandpa used to live in the extreme southern Utah town of St George where the summer temps routinely hit over 110 and cool off to the low 90’s at midnight.  That climate sucks.

Up here in Northern Utah we have seasons.  Or we used to.  Now it seems like it is just warm all of the time.  Last December a flannel shirt and a Levi jacket were warm enough.  “So Move.” Some of you will say.  That is not an option.  I would rather just bitch and hone some more cantankerousness.  There is nothing to be done about Mother Nature and whatever PMS is causing this heat wave.

Is it global warming?  I hope not, it will last too damn long for me.  I can only hope that the thermometer bottoms out and we end up having to leave a faucet on at night so the pipes don’t freeze this winter.

All in all there is a climate for every one and you just have to deal with where you are.  If you don’t like it, move.  If you don’t want to move, bitch about it, no one will really care.


Justin is the young Coot with a Cantankerous Soul who continues to be educated by older, more cootish Ralph and Bob. His Cantankerosity is his own.

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  7 Responses to “Down With Mother Nature!”

  1. Last week LA was lovely and temperate. This week it hit 113 degrees so you Utahuns aren’t the only one suffering from the heat. Here in the idyllic Sierra Foothills it was 100. I am not complaining however, since it is fall and the heat can’t last. We had a delightfully cool summer. For me, a fall heat wave is the best kind and sets up the appreciation for lovely fall days to come. Dang! I must be getting soft in the head.

    • Damn that is way too hot for September! OH well, we just have to take what we get. At least the humidity is low here, I don’t know how people stand anything over 30% without tearing their hair out.

  2. Justin, the humidity here in Georgia gets in the 30’s perhaps five or six days a year. 70-80 is more normal…and I still have all my hair.

    The summer here has been wickedly hot, and had you done this post a week ago I’d be bitching right along with ya, but this week has had highs in the mid to upper 70’s and morning temps between 50 and 55, and is dropping a degree or 2 every morning for the next few days…by mid-week next week it will have daily lows of 43-46.

    Ahhh…nothing to bitch about here…except I still can’t get CommentLuv and two other plugins to work, dammit!…

    • sounds like it is getting really nice there, except for the humidity. It hits 35% here and we are all bitching about it. It’s all relative. I can’t wait until the highs are in the 70’s. I have been having plugin issues as well, my digg this is all screwed up and the tweet post isn’t working at all. Good luck brother.

  3. San Diego has (obviously because of the proximity) been expierencing the same heat as Ralph… I think our ‘cool Southern clime’ has knocked the top end down to 111. As for moving not many places to go, I am allready spending a premium because of what is supposed to be the “nicest weather in the US”

    Mother Nature should realize that residents are paying an unofficial tax on everything for the glorious weather and comply by making it nice. Fortunately a storm is rolling in…so maybe she is listening and changing the weather as we speak

    • I thought the lure of San Diego was 72 and sunny all of the time! It was a bit hotter than that when I was there a few years ago but still, 111 would suck. I would love to see you apply to MOther Nature for Tax Relief!

  4. San Diego is nice but it gets more like LA every day. Somebody needs to rescue California from the stupidity of its voters.

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